The End of Trash

RePack makes e-commerce trash free without costing the earth.

We provide reusable packaging solutions for online retailers in Europe and the US.

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Make your customers feel the new era in sustainable packaging

Our data and experience show that one-third of online shoppers are tired of packaging trash and ready to pay for sustainability. 


This means RePacking brands have reduced their packaging costs and trash footprint by up to 30%.


Consumers are ready for the reuse revolution. Are you?

What's in it for your brand?
Reduced environmental impact
Improved customer experience
Smart investment
No waste and hassle-free packaging

Sustainable packaging has never looked so good. Durable RePack bags are designed for soft goods and fold into letter size when empty.

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Durable, recycled material, upcycled at the end of life.

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Three sizes, adjustable so you never ship air.

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Sealing solutions to secure the package.

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Certified for ethics and sustainability.

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Who is RePack for?
Online Retailers

Online retailer shipping soft goods? Have your sustainably-minded customers choose RePack when shopping online.


Once the order is received, your customers simply return the prepaid empty RePack to us through the mail, and we put the cleaned RePacks back in reuse.


How to start? Order the bags, integrate the option in your e-com platform and stop wasting.

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Circular Businesses

Are you a rental business? Do you offer Click and Collect, take-backs programs or need durable packaging for internal shipments? Then this is for you.


RePack Closed-loop is an easy and more sustainable way to ship, over and over again.


How to start? Tell us more about your needs and we will send you a custom-made quote.

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RePack impact
RePack is the easiest way to eliminate trash and reduce CO2 in e-commerce

We help hundreds of online retailers to become more sustainable by replacing the single-use delivery packaging with returnable and reusable RePack packaging.


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It’s time for the #reuserevolution.
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