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Closed loop

Direct cost savings with durable and reusable packaging

RePack for Closed-Loop Systems

Revolutionising Internal Logistics with Reusable Packaging

In the intricate logistics of shipping between distribution and return centers, suppliers, offices, photoshoots, and stores, the prevalent use of single-use packaging presents a significant opportunity for change. This is especially true for services like rentals, takebacks, and repairs. The introduction of reusable packaging into these scenarios isn't just beneficial—it's essential.

RePack leads the charge in this transformation. By harnessing efficient reverse logistics, we not only reduce costs but also enhance reuse rates. This dual benefit leads to a notable improvement in both cost efficiency and environmental performance.

Streamlining Internal Logistics with RePack

Initiating reusable packaging in internal delivery flows can be more straightforward than starting with consumer-facing operations. This is primarily because the mechanisms for reverse logistics are already in place, and the shift in behavior within a controlled, internal environment can be quicker and more direct.

RePack has successfully implemented reusable packaging solutions within internal systems across various countries and businesses. In these settings, the advantages of reusable packaging are more easily recognized, quantified, and validated.

Whether it's about adapting existing packaging systems or designing entirely new solutions, our team possesses the expertise and experience required to deliver impactful results.

Benefits of RePack's Closed-Loop Systems

  • Cost Efficiency: Through the use of reusable packaging, the overall cost per shipment is reduced over time.
  • Environmental Impact: By replacing single-use packaging, RePack helps in significantly lowering your organization's carbon footprint.
  • Asset Optimization: Turn packaging from a mere operational cost into a valuable asset for your business.
  • Operational Streamlining: Simplify and streamline your internal logistics processes with durable, reusable packaging options.

Closed-Loop Pricing

Tailored to Your Needs

Our pricing model takes into account the volume of packaging, specific design requirements, and the duration of the agreement. For small standard packaging, our pricing starts as low as 0.30 € per month for a rental of 1000 bags or more. In instances where the packaging needs to be customized for specific use cases, the pricing will be determined during the evaluation phase.

Our goal is to ensure that the cost per use of RePack solutions falls below that of single-use options, while simultaneously reducing your environmental impact. We aim to transform packaging into a valuable asset, not just an expense.

Ready to Optimize with RePack?

If you're ready to revolutionise your internal logistics and embrace a more sustainable, cost-effective approach, RePack is here to guide you. Contact us to explore our reusable packaging solutions and discover how we can tailor them to fit your unique business needs. Let's work together to build a more sustainable, efficient future for your operations.

How to implement reusable packaging?



We begin with an analysis of your current packaging and customer journey, crafting the business and sustainability case.



Test the waters with a small trial using our existing packaging range or a custom-designed prototype, refining through iterative feedback.



Transition to scale use with RePack's support. We're there every step of the way, from leasing to purchasing, bolstered by guides and best practices.



Our commitment continues with package replacements and support during peak seasons, as we help your team embrace the world of reusable solutions.Can empty RePack be returned directly back to my own warehouse?


Can empty RePack be returned back to my own warehouse?
Is delivery costs to the customers included in the RePack fee too?
What happens to customer returns?
What is the point of returning an empty packaging? Think of all the CO2 emissions.
Is the prepaid empty return included in the montly leasing price?

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