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With a circular life in a linear industry, RePack comes as a sustainable solution to a real-world problem. Our reusable packaging has been co-created for users, by users.

RePack story

Born to replace single-use

In 2010 sustainability consultant Jonne Hellgren and industrial designers Juha Mäkelä and Petri Piirainen combined their skills and founded a sustainable design agency Peruste with a goal to create less crap solutions that would not create more crap products to the world.

One of the customers was the Finnish Post office. We spent countless hours in the warehouse, seeing the rise of e-commerce and single-use packaging that goes with it.

Juha Mäkelä had an epiphany. “Why don’t we implement the bottle deposit return system to e-commerce”?

Other Founders, Petri and Jonne, were not impressed by Juha’s idea. “Another crazy idea from Juha”.  It took  months from Juha to convince others to explore it but eventually the idea proved too strong.

Slowly we started working on it during our evening shifts over a beer. How would the packaging look like? How is it returned? What about the business model? Who would use it? Does it exist.

Packaging sketches were drawn and euro coins were circulating from hand to hand when figuring out a circular economy business model.

The idea grew on us and, eventually, was too strong to resist. We believed e-commerce packaging should play the same game as bottles and cans - convenient and easy to return, rewarding and environmentally friendly.

Our  first packaging was a complete failure. It was not reusable at all.

Luckily we had a note inside the box to get feedback and we discovered that people loved the idea. They really loved it and gave a score of 9,5/10. So the packaging didn’t work but concept did.  That’s when we realized we were onto something here.

In Finland, we had grown up with the bottle return system. It’s part of our culture. Everyone uses it and we felt this model should be applied to other forms of packaging. It’s not like reusable packaging didn’t exist. It just didn’t exist in e-commerce. Now it does.

Goodbye, boring wasteful packaging. Hello, RePack.

At RePack, we think we are more than just a random reusable packaging supplier. To be honest, we have no interest in companies buying our packaging again and again.

Rather, we are in the business of setting up efficient reuse systems so that companies never have to worry about packaging ever again.

We provide reusable packaging solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of deliveries and improve the customer experience.

RePack services, packaging & Impact

Our selection of packages

Recycled cardboard, upcycled billboards, upcycled events’ carpets - we explored many designs and materials before reaching our current RePack design that is circulating all over the world.

Today, RePack is made from post-waste recycled polypropylene (RPP).

RePack packages are designed to be reused. They are easy to open, fill, fold and return to reuse. Again and again.

We would love to say that you can reuse a RePack forever but that might be an exaggeration. Just like a good suitcase, a RePack bag will last years and handle dozens of trips all over the world.

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The Environmental

Awarded by many

We are bragging a bit but with a team stacked with design and sustainability experts, we do have enough awards to fill a trophy case.

Our work with RePack has been recognized by some of the best organizations in the world, from the World Economic Forum to the Nordic Environment Prize and the German Design Award.

RePack system sustainable impact

Is RePack better than single-use packaging for the environment regarding carbon emissions and waste generation?

Reusable packaging is not carbon neutral, but its circular system makes it much better for the environment than linear, single-use packaging systems.

The goal of our Impact Calculator is to determine the carbon footprint of using RePack and compare it to the carbon footprint using other types of single-use packaging for a given amount of orders with variables proper to various shipping situations.

See the results of the analysis

Before going into the details of the impact analysis, you can find answers to your most frequent questions about the impact of using reusable packaging instead of single-use packaging below.

Questions about the Reuse Model

What are the most important factors in the reuse model?
How can the impact be better than single-use if the bags are transported and cleaned between each use?
How do we calculate the return rate?
Are RePack bags returned by plane?
How are the RePack bags clean?

Questions about RePack packaging

What is it made of? Is it recycled material?
Why is RePack made of plastic?
What are the certifications of the RePack bags?
How many cycles can a single RePack bag do?

Questions about RePack packaging in comparison to single-use

Is reusable plastic packaging better than single-use made of renewable?

End of life?

There comes a time when our RePacks bags can't be used for new deliveries anymore. It's sad, but if you think that's the end, think again. A RePack is like a fine wine – it only becomes better with age. RePacks don't go to waste when they are finished with their first jobs!

From simply recycling as a material selected, upcycled RePack's have been spotted on the shelves at Selfridges, catwalks of Paris or even at a K-pop concert!

So, what services do we offer?

RePack for E-commerce

Offering reusable packaging as an option in online stores helps reduce the environmental impact of shipping. It exceeds customers' expectations at delivery without breaking the bank.

  • Companies buy a RePack cycle from us
  • Customers choose RePack at checkout
  • Companies ship to their customers in RePacks
  • Customer folds the bag to letter size, drops it into a postobox and it returns to the RePack hub (from anywhere in the world). Return is prepaid.
  • We take care of reverse logistics,  cleaning and reuse

RePack for Re-commerce

RePack is an easier and more sustainable way to exchange parcels with customers.Our packaging renting system is available worldwide and guarantees businesses peace of mind.

  • Companies rent the RePack bags for a monthly fee.
  • Companies exchange RePacks parcels back and forth within their re-commerce operations.
  • Companies control shipments, reverse logistics and cleaning.
  • We make sure they never run out of stock with up to 10% top-up per month.


RePack for Closed Loops

We replace single-use packaging in your company's processes. For internal orders and Click & Collect, RePack is a convenient reusable packaging for parcels exchanged within your company.

  • Companies rent the RePack bags for a monthly fee.
  • Companies exchange RePacks parcels back and forth within their internal logistics.
  • Companies control shipments, reverse logistics, and cleaning when needed.
  • We make sure they never run out of stock with up to 10% top-up per month and asset tracking.


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Feedback so good it sounds fake

"Beyond our net promoter score increasing, which indicates positive customer satisfaction, we’ve also saved time from an operations perspective by packing parcels with RePack vs. cardboard boxes."

Bruno Ballester

Royal Canin

"We have been working with RePack for years and many of our customers choose this environmentally friendly package."

Kuutti Haapanen

Scandinavian Outdoor

"We would recommend finding these return journeys that already exist within a company and tap into them with RePack"

Lauren Bartley


"Reusable packaging is a very interesting case, and we’re curious to see how our customers react to a new offer"

Lara Coppen


"We’ve offered the option to use RePack to our customers and so far there has been only positive feedback. Now we are working on new ideas on how to take RePack even deeper into our customer care."

Samuli Heino


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