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How GANNI tackled their single-use packaging problem for internal shipments

Yet again GANNI is a leading change maker in sustainable fashion and circularity

GANNI is expanding their shift from single-use in all the existing return journeys within the company

GANNI is working hard towards their ambitious responsibility goals. A large part of their strategy is focused on single-use packaging and plastic reduction. To tackle this challenge, they decided to roll out reusable packaging in as many relevant use cases as they can: for the e-commerce orders, for the rentals they ship and take back, but also, and this is our focus here, for the internal staff orders.

Find out how GANNI is tackling their single-use packaging problem from the inside in this case study!

 Photo: David Williams for New York Magazine


Ganni is a Danish contemporary ready-to-wear fashion brand. Born in 2009 in Copenhagen, GANNI is represented in more than 400 of the world’s finest retailers as well as through 21 concept stores across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

The challenge to address: Move from single-use towards reuse models

Since 2019 GANNI has been a signatory of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and annually reports on the plastic progress in alignment with the Commitments guidelines.

As part of their responsibility strategy, GANNI's has a goal to take action to move from single-use use toward reuse models where relevant. With an ambitious goal to reach 100% of plastic packaging to be recycled, reusable, recyclable by 2020, GANNI had to rethink their process for polybags, retail carrier bags and e-commerce shipping bags.

Solution: GANNI uses reusable packaging for the return journeys that already exist within the company

GANNI has already been using RePack for years for their e-commerce orders, and to date shipped over 6,000 RePacks – accounting for over 9% of all their e-commerce packaging.

They also opted to replace single-use recycled plastic packaging for the GANNI Repeat rental platform orders with RePack reusable packaging to coincide with the Levi’s® rental-only collaboration.

"We would recommend finding these return journeys that already exist within a company and tap into them with RePack"

— Lauren Bartley, Head of Sustainability and CSR at GANNI

To go even further in their shift from single-use plastic and reach their goals, they explored the return journeys that already exist within their operations and found more use cases for reusable packaging to reduce unnecessary waste: internal staff orders, samples, etc.

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Using RePack for internal orders is an effective way to support a company's single-use plastic reduction goals and mindset

GANNI decided to start using RePack internally to pack and ship all internal staff orders. Although it accounts for less than 0.5% of the total plastic they use, it contributes to internal behaviour and a mindset change within the company towards sustainable responsibility.

"It works so well at GANNI as we have this obvious return journey from the warehouse to the office and back again - so for internal staff orders it works super well and it solved an issue of single-use packaging."

— Lauren Bartley, Head of Sustainability and CSR at GANNI

There is more than one way to replace single-use packaging in a company's operations. Once RePack is implemented for your internal return journeys, it gets even easier to expand reusable packaging to more use cases.

To wrap up

GANNI chose to expand their use of RePack to more than their e-commerce & rental packaging. They decided to use RePack to ship all internal staff orders. This supported both their company's responsibility targets as well as their entire company's mindset.

  • Supports company's sustainable goals
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste
  • An intuitive use case for reusable packaging

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