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How RePack supported Finlayson's successful take-back promotion?

Reusable packaging is a convenient solution to collect goods

Finlayson made their take-back campaigns even better, allowing customers to return textiles in stores but also from anywhere with returnable RePacks!

Finlayson estimates that Finns have home textiles worth EUR 250 million folded away in their closets and cabinets. For years, they've been running take-back campaigns to allow their customers to send them all these textiles for recycling. The campaigns were already great but only allowed returned in stores. What if you don't live near a Finlayson shop? How to take part? That's where our circular packaging solution comes in!

Find out how Finlayson expanded their use of RePack packaging to support circular business activities!


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About Finlayson

Finlayson is an iconic Finnish company founded in 1820 and is Finland’s oldest textile company. The company’s main products are bedding, home textiles, and has taken an active role in promoting circular economy business activities.

The challenge: expanding the take-back campaigns online and allow more consumers to take action

Finlayson saw an opportunity in the millions' worth of home textiles sleeping in Finnish homes. The company thought that it would be wasteful for these materials to be simply thrown away.

"We believe that a circular economy culture is now beginning to arise in earnest. We would prefer to be among the first involved rather than the last"

— Jukka Kurttila, Finlayson's CEO

Product take-back and material upcycling have been the focus of Finlayson's circular economy efforts, however, Finlayson's take-back campaigns were exclusive to the offline environment, limiting participation in case of geographical or other constraints. Not everyone has a store nearby, so they wanted to introduce RePack as an alternative take-back channel.


Finlayson offered reusable packaging on their website and made it free and easy for customers to send back textiles

Finlayson already offered RePack for their online orders, so it was only natural to expand to their take-back program.

”World is drowning in useless packaging – that's why we hope more and more RePack's are delivered”

— Petri Pesonen, Creative Director, Finlayson

Here's how it went down

  • The customer ordered the RePack package for free from the website
  • They received it in the mail at home, slipped their old textiles in and took the package to the mailbox, so there was no need to pay the postage.
  • When the shipment arrived at Finlayson's warehouse, the customer received an electronic ID code, which gave them a 30% discount on purchases over 30 euros.

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With the help of RePack, Finlayson discovered there’s a lot of customer potential outside brick-and-mortar stores for take-back campaigns.

Connecting with customers online for the campaign was an important discovery for the development of Finlayson's e-commerce activities.

Customer feedback was highly positive, with a Net Promoter Score of 84! A lot of people were excited to discover an alternative return channel to the stores.

"The popularity of the RePack collection completely surprised us and the packaging we reserved ran out immediately in the first week of the campaign."

Finlayson was delighted with the campaign. Close to 6500 pieces of jeans were returned, with more than 370kg in RePacks!

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To wrap up

Finlayson chose to expand their use of RePack to more than their e-commerce packaging. In addition to running take-back programs through their stores, Finlayson included an online option for returning textiles by mail in a RePack reusable package, which made the return process easy and accessible for customers not living close to Finlayson shops. The campaign was a huge success and Finlayson collected over 12,000 kg of jeans material in a year. Finlayson could recycle the material to produce new rugs. This reinforced the brand's image, supported the company's shift to the circular economy and actively reduced waste!

  • Supports company's sustainable goals
  • Eliminates unnecessary waste
  • An intuitive use case for reusable packaging

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