E-commerce reusable RePack packaging in three sizes

Our Packaging Selection

Together with our experts we analyse your current packaging solutions, technical requirements and complete complete a financial and an environmental cost-benefit analysis.

We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and work together to outline a tailored plan for the next phase.

Depending on the use case our goal is to quickly test the hypothesis in a concrete pilot.


RePack Small

The smallest RePack comes in an envelope size, ideal for shipping small items such as jeans and a t-shirt.

- 350 x 250 x 100
- (Recycled) polypropylene
Colours -White, yellow
Volume - 0-6 litres
Weight - 80g

RePack S size for fashion retail

RePack Medium

RePack Medium is the most popular size in e-commerce and for a reason.

It is adjustable to size, making it ideal for majority of online orders and still folds into letter size when empty.

- 600 x 350 x 160
Colours - White, yellow, grey, black and green
- (Recycled) Polypropylene
Volume - 6-21 litres
Weight - 116g

RePack M size for fashion retail

RePack Large

RePack Large size has a flat bottom, making it ideal for larger deliveries suchs as backbags, several shoe boxes or large pet food bags.

Our Large size is probably the biggest reusable packaging out there and still fits into letter size when empty.

Dimensions -
680 x 350 x 220
- (Recycled) Polypropylene
Colours - White, yellow  
Volume - 20-45 litres
Weight - 177g

RePack L size for fashion retail

Made To Order

RePack box foldable e-commerce packaging


RePack boxes fold into letter size when empty and can be made from cardboard or polypropylene.

Design is durable but limited to letter size when empty.

Boxes are ideal for shipping cosmetics, accessories or small items.

Boxes are a made to order product.

RePack shopping bag

Shopping Bag

This design was a lucky accident, initially designed to be used for -ecommerce deliveries but turned out to be an excellent product for events and still used by many RePack employees, past an present, as a replacement to cotton tote bags.

This is your returnable event packaging or for physical stores, where packaging is simply returned back to the store in a closed-loop environment.

RePack shopping bags are a made to order product.

RePack vinyl durable reusable packaging

Vinyl Bag

One of our earlier designs was the most durable bags we have ever designed.

They also look great.

Each piece was cut from a large advertising billboard making them unique. They actually looked so good that our return rate sank as people did not want to return them!

The durability of RePack Vinyl bags are ideal for closed loop solutions.

Vinyl RePack is a made to order product.

RePack felt packaging for e-commerce

Felt Packaging

Using upcycled felt we designed a soft but durable felt packaging for electronics. Modems, digiboxes, phones etc. Packaging folded to letter size when empty and felt sooo good.

Felt RePack is a made to order product.

Sofa RePack reusable packaging for furniture

Sofa Packaging

Reusable packaging for sofas? Yes, makes sense.

Sofa packaging is quicker to pack, easier to carry and quick to unpack too. Delivery men take the packaging back with them, leaving no packaging trace behind them.

Design is durable, saves time and is ergonomic in design.

Sofa RePack is a made to order product.

Reusable mattress packaging by RePack

Mattress Packaging

Mattresses are big, bulky and fairly standard sized. Our design team developed a mattress delivery packaging for internal logistics between the factory and sales points across the Nordics.

Mattress RePack is a made to order product.

It's always the right time to get closer to a zero-waste future