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Upgrade your e-commerce experience to reusable packaging.

RePack helps over 150 apparel brands and retailers to move away from single-use in Europe and North America. 

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Apr 22, 2021 AM  •  read time 2 min
RePack is reuse as a service

Welcome to a new way of packaging, where you only pay for the use, not ownership.


With reuse as a service, you share your packaging with a pool of webstores.

Simply replace single-use packaging in your warehouse. We manage the empty returns for you. 

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RePack is three things
Reusable Packaging
Return Logistics
Reward system
Do you have a circular business?

Rental, refill or take-back programs, this is for you. 

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RePack return
RePack return
RePack is better for the planet than single-use packaging. Here's why.

By rethinking packaging, we close the loop and encourage more positive consumption habits.
Less trash, better vibes.

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Testimonials so good they sound totally fake!

Everything worked perfectly, I love the idea. This is excellent for the environment, avoiding single-use packages.

RePack user from Rifò

Everything was very easy. Love that there's no unnecessary trash that needs to be get rid of.

RePack user from Arela

Returning RePack was easy and made me feel good about reducing waste.

RePack user from Pure Waste
This feedback is collected from our surveys. Plus, our NPS is 72 - mind-blowing, considering anything above 60 is world class!
Our customers
We work with over 150 brands across Europe and North America. Here are just some of our champions that have upgraded to reusable packaging.
The word on the street

Reusable packaging solutions are the most responsible solution we have for packaging right now, so it made total sense for us to partner with RePack and bring this solution to GANNI Community.

Lauren Bartley
Lauren Bartley
Head of Sustainability & CSR

RePack has built a unique system and we are eagerly diving into how our customers react to a new behavior of returning packaging but also the environmental benefits of this reusable model.

Laura Coppen
Laura Coppen
Creative Business Development & Circular Lead
The end of trash is near.

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