Sustainable packaging

RePack is a company that offers sustainable and reusable packaging services.

With a focus on e-commerce, we offer practical, turnkey solutions alongside custom-branded packages to enhance customer experiences.

Our services also include innovative design solutions for a range of product needs.

Join us in embracing the circular era of packaging.

Our Impact

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RePack upcycled Aalto packaging Paris Fashion Week

Is reusable packaging for you?

At RePack, we think we are more than just a random reusable packaging supplier.

To be honest, we have no interest in companies buying our packaging again and again.

Rather, we are in the business of efficient reuse systems and our business models reflect that.

We believe sustainability is a concrete act that doesn't leave you feeling cold.


Reuse cycles


Brands saved



Our Services

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How are you different to other reusable packaging companies?


Can you return an empty RePack from anywhere? Really?


Our business is different, what can be customised?

Feedback so good it sounds fake

As an American, I've never seen this before.
Neat idea, crazy Europeans!

"Perfect delivery!
Incredible experience with this reusable package"

"First time I ever received RePack, love it!
So easy and already back in the mailbox!"

Case studies

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How Décathlon made Click and Collect sustainable

Eliminating packaging from click and collect deliveries made easy


How reusable packging is ideal for fashion rental

Reusable packaging for fashion rentals is a no brainer for sustainability and user experience


Better subscription service with reusable packaging at Royal Canin

By integrating RePack through a pilot approach, Royal Canin made its subscription model more convenient and sustainable.