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Levi's and Ganni use RePacks for their rental collaboration

Reusable packaging is part of a seamless rental experience

Ganni  teamed up with Levi's and RePack to collaborate on an exclusive upcycled rental-only capsule collection called Ganni and Levi's “Love Letter".

One is an already cult Danish label, the other is an absolutely timeless icon.

Meet Ganni x Levi's, partnering with RePack for the very best of what rental can offer.

In the world of fashion today, how do you come up with responsible, innovative, AND freaking cool collections?

When you put Ganni and Levi's in the same room, and the those icons uncovered the "Love Letter" collection, marking the starting point of a long term partnership. The pieces are only available for rental at Ganni Repeat and are entirely made from upcycled denim made with vintage Levi's 501®s.

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"Working with an iconic brand like Levi's is a dream come true. I still have a pair of 501®s that I've had since I was a teen. These pieces are so versatile. You can wear them high or low waisted and style with a detachable belt. The beauty of good denim is it just gets better over time. We handpicked each pair of vintage 501®s with Levi's Diving into their archive was like a treasure hunt. Each piece from this collection is made entirely of upcycled and repurposed denim. Share your love for denim and pass it on."

— Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Directlor, GANNI

"Worn by Many but Owned by None"

Fashion does not need to be owned to be loved, and this was proven by successful rental platforms like Hurr, or Ganni Repeat already.

At a time where responsible consumption is peaking, sharing really is caring.

The idea of the collection is to connect wearers, so those who wore the clothes before can share a bit of their own story with the entire community.

Such a "love letter" must come with a pretty envelope, right?

More than this, a positive one.  

The obvious choice: RePack!

That's right, every single rental piece from New-York to Copenhagen will be sent and returned in a RePack, free of charge.

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This GannixLevi's collab really is in synergy with what we do at RePack, exploring circularity where consumers all over the world are sharing the same package again and again, phasing waste out.

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