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Case Studies

One in three customers choose reuse

How integrating RePack with Shopify helped reduce trash

Manitober uses RePack's integration for Shopify to offer reusable packaging to shoppers. An easy process leading to a meaningful sustainability impact.

To support its sustainability goals, the German clothing brand Manitober chose to offer the RePack service as an option to their customers.

An easy process with the RePack integration for Shopify, leading to a significant impact.


About Manitober

After more than ten years in the clothing industry, Marcus founded Manitober with a desire to do it better. Manitober is a sustainable clothing brand for children, teens and grown-ups.

All products are made from ecologically and socially acceptable materials under fair conditions in Europe.

The challenge to address: How to reduce the impact of shipping?

Single-use packaging, even sourced from renewable materials, is an important contribution to the overall carbon and waste footprint of a product.

Manitober aims to exist sustainably, not only in the aspect of ethical production but also in the entire product lifecycle.

For their online store, Manitober was searching for a circular packaging concept in line with their holistic sustainable approach, minimizing the waste and impact during shipping and logistics.

"Repack Team is one of the best support teams I had contact with and that were a lot!"

— Markus Kraft

Solution: Manitober enabled their customers to choose a RePack delivery

With the RePack integration for Shopify, it was very easy for Manitober to set up the option for their customers.

  1. Customers shop in the online shop as usual
  2. As soon as they start the payment process, they can select RePack as the packaging option for 3€ through the RePack pop-up
  3. After successfully returning the RePack they will receive a discount code of 10% for their next order.


Results: the RePack integration for Shopify is an effective waste reduction tool for Manitober

With 30% of their customers choosing and paying for RePack, Manitober drastically reduces the negative impact of its shipping activities, strengthening the brand's commitment to sustainability.

"RePack is a brand that helps build trust and awareness of shipping processes."

— Markus Kraft

By transferring the price to their customers, RePack is not considered as the usual packaging cost. It is offered as any other product in the e-shop, making it cost-effective to implement.

In addition, RePack proved to be the perfect packaging to handle product returns, and support Manitober's re-buy initiative, where previous owners can return clothes regardless of their condition and no matter when.

To wrap up

Manitober chose RePack to answer their circular packaging needs. Thanks to the RePack integration for Shopify, it was very easy for Manitober to activate the option to their customers.

  • Easy to implement through the RePack integration for Shopify
  • Meaningful impact, with 30% of orders shipped in RePack
  • Cost neutral, by transferring the cost to the customers before rewarding them

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