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Case Studies

How DĂ©cathlon made Click and Collect sustainable

Eliminating packaging from click and collect deliveries made easy

DĂ©cathlon Canada said farewell to single-use and its countless frustrations in click & collect. By choosing reusable packaging, they found a low effort, high impact solution.

With customers turning more and more to online shopping, there’s a growing need for alternative delivery methods. Click and collect is a way for retailers to respond to increasing customer demand for convenience and more ecological alternatives.

In 2022, DĂ©cathlon Canada took the single-use packaging challenge by the horns, and decide to replace 100% of the click & collect packaging by reusable packaging.

Find out how easy and convenient they made the switch with RePack!

About DĂ©cathlon

Décathlon  sells sports and outdoor activity apparel and gear in their stores and online shop. Décathlon’s goal is to “make the pleasure and benefits of sports accessible to all” by providing qualitative products adapted to every level and budget.

The challenge to address

For its convenience, there’s a growing popularity for Click and Collect:

  • 68% of shoppers say it combines the easiness of online shopping and the comfort of local pick up
  • 23% of online shoppers prefer some form of click-and-collect over having orders delivered to their homes.

One of the frustrations in Click and Collect reported by users is the over-use of packaging. When collecting their order, many noticed a way too large package that they ultimately had to bring home.

As DĂ©cathlon strives to lower their ecological footprint and make a difference, they were motivated to do something to reduce the amount of trash generated by their business.

On top of this, single-use packaging is unfitted to click-and-collect as it requires purchasing new packaging and managing its waste, over and over.

Fiera dei Progetti Decathlon | Smarteventi.it

How did RePack help the outdoor giant?

Click-and-collect packaging was the perfect place for DĂ©cathlon Canada to achieve significant results, almost effortlessly!

Initially, Decathlon picked nine stores for their click-and-collect reusable packaging pilot. Every click-and-collect order to these nine locations was delivered in reusable packaging. Once the order was collected by the client, RePack packaging was returned promptly back to the Distribution Centre to pack a new order.

In order to eliminate packaging waste, consumers did not get to take the packaging home. Instead, they were informed of the sustainability initiative beforehand of their order collection, and the need to bring their own carry home bag with them.

Staff at the store were trained to support any customer queries to guarantee a smooth transition to more sustainable packaging practice. The RePack team provided communication kits for Décathlon to help their staff answers customers’ questions.

Using Decathlon’s internal logistics channels to manage the reuse of the bags resulted in a high reusable packaging use rate and cost-efficient operation.

Because of their durable material and simple design, the bags kept their shape perfectly after numerous uses.

decathlon velocity Off 72%

A successful pilot and a nationwide deployment

The pilot convinced Décathlon that reusable packaging provided a much easier logistic process and helped them remove constraints on packaging sourcing & waste management.

By deploying the process to Canada, they estimate that they will be able to avoid ~30 000 single-use plastic envelopes each year.

To wrap up

After a successful 3-months pilot, DĂ©cathlon Canada decided to continue using RePack nationwide for all its click & collect orders. The most effortless way to switch to reusable packaging.

  • Easier click & collect process
  • Removes constraints on packaging sourcing & waste management
  • Meaningful impact, with ~30 000 single-use plastic envelopes avoided a year
  • Durable packaging with less than 1% damaged bags after 24 months in operation

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