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Feedback so good it sounds fake

"Beyond our net promoter score increasing, which indicates positive customer satisfaction, we’ve also saved time from an operations perspective by packing parcels with RePack vs. cardboard boxes."

Bruno Ballester

Royal Canin

"We have been working with RePack for years and many of our customers choose this environmentally friendly package."

Kuutti Haapanen

Scandinavian Outdoor

"We would recommend finding these return journeys that already exist within a company and tap into them with RePack"

Lauren Bartley


"Reusable packaging is a very interesting case, and we’re curious to see how our customers react to a new offer"

Lara Coppen


"We’ve offered the option to use RePack to our customers and so far there has been only positive feedback. Now we are working on new ideas on how to take RePack even deeper into our customer care."

Samuli Heino


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