A Pioneering Partnership Has Arrived! We are Together with oceansix

to Unbox the New Standard of Packaging

Dear RePack Community,

A Pioneering Partnership Has Arrived!

We are overjoyed to announce a game-changing partnership with oceansix, a leader in radical, sustainable solutions and waste-to-product inventions. This partnership ships us to the forefront of a packaging revolution, bringing the right thing to do for the 161 billion single-use parcels delivered annually.

Together, we are saying goodbye to single-use packaging and hello to a new standard for deliveries worldwide!

From Now On, Never Wasted

Our partnership represents a bold move to turn reusable packaging into the norm. Our goal is not just cutting down on waste; it is making sure that packaging is never considered waste or wasted. We are rolling out a proper circular system where packaging continuously flows back into use, ensuring resources are fully leveraged at every use. In our model, every package serves an endless purpose, supporting a more intelligent, sustainable process in e-commerce. So, for us, "never wasted" is our guiding principle.

Going Back on Purpose

We want to end cardboard cruelty. Yes, that innocent-looking cardboard box was once a splendid tree, so we owe it to our planet to honour its journey. But our purpose extends beyond conservation; it is about delivering a responsibility mindset in all of us.

We want to keep resources where they belong – not in a landfill. So, going back on purpose means returning to a more intentional way of using resources, ensuring they circulate within a circular cycle rather than being discarded after a single use.

We see packaging as the main carrier for eliminating traditional packaging and making cardboard cruelty a thing of the past. By purposefully designing packaging solutions that prioritise reuse, we transform the narrative surrounding cardboard from waste to regeneration.

Join Us in This Movement: No Box Left Behind

Our mission resonates more than ever: Reduce, Reuse, and RePack. Every delivery we send out comes back ready to embark on its next journey.

We do not offer just a service; we are delivering the solution to the throwaway culture.

Outbox the Ordinary. Inbox the Extraordinary

Do you remember the old school faxes (if you are younger than a millennial, just ask chat GPT)? So the union of oceansix and RePack is like transitioning from fax to email, we are pioneering a change that will redefine how the world thinks about packaging.

Thank You for Being a Part of This Historic Journey

With oceansix by our side, we invite you to join us in this monumental shift. Together, let's do the right thing.

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