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Upgrade your sustainable e-commerce game

Replace single-use packaging in e-commerce with RePack

Join the Reusable Revolution in Online Retail

RePack revolutionised the e-commerce packaging by replacing traditional single-use packaging with a sustainable, reusable alternative.

Our mission is simple: to make reusable packaging incredibly easy and convenient for online retailers and their customers.

Easy Returns, Global Impact

Our RePack packaging is ingeniously designed to flatten to letter size when empty, making returns to reuse a breeze.

Customers anywhere in the world can return an empty RePack by simply dropping it into any postbox, at no extra cost to them.

Seriously! Any country!

We handle the rest, ensuring each RePack is checked, cleaned, and readied for another cycle with any of our online retail partners.

This process significantly reduces waste, enhances customer satisfaction, and reflects positively on retailers’ commitment to sustainability.

What's not to like? And the best part?

You get to contribute towards a sustainable future!

Stand Out with Sustainable Packaging

In a marketplace crowded with conventional throw-away packaging, RePack offers a chance to really stand out.

It's an opportunity to challenge wasteful norms and make a real, tangible difference, not just in reducing waste but also in making a lasting impression on your customers.

Sustainability Beyond Claims

Reusable packaging with RePack is more than a statement; it’s an action. It reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% and eliminates waste entirely.

Our detailed dashboard also provides accurate annual impact calculations, supporting your sustainability reports with concrete data.

Future-Proof Against Upcoming Legislation

With evolving legislation around packaging waste, especially in the EU, RePack positions your business ahead of the curve. Gradually, a more significant percentage of orders will need to be in reusable packaging, and RePack prepares you for these upcoming changes.

Customisable Packaging Solutions

Our e-commerce packaging comes in three different bag sizes, tailored to a variety of needs. Made from durable, long-lasting plastic designed for reuse, our packaging is recyclable or upcyclable at the end of its life. Choose from off-the-shelf or custom solutions to best fit your brand.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Conscious

While RePack is a premium solution compared to single-use packaging, the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial cost. The durability of our bags and the prepaid return system justifies the starting cost of €2 per cycle. For businesses prioritising sustainability, this investment is a small price for a significant environmental impact.

If the initial price per cycle is too much you can always make RePack an option in the checkout for your customers to choose, making it effectively free for your brand.

Implementing Reusable Packaging in Your E-Commerce Deliveries

Sample Evaluation

Start by ordering a sample set to see if RePack aligns with your business needs.

Personalized Consultation

Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and potential use cases.

Pilot Program

Initiate a pilot to understand customer feedback and ensure RePack integrates smoothly with your warehouse operations.

Team Engagement

Involve key departments – logistics, IT, marketing, e-commerce, sustainability, and executive leadership – for a successful implementation.

Enjoy Circular Benefits

Embrace the journey of sustainability and reap the rewards of a circular economy approach.

Ready to make a sustainable shift in your e-commerce deliveries with RePack? Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to create a more sustainable, efficient future for your business and the planet.

How to implement reusable packaging?



We begin with an analysis of your current packaging and customer journey, crafting the business and sustainability case.



Test the waters with a small trial using our existing packaging range or a custom-designed prototype, refining through iterative feedback.



Transition to scale use with RePack's support. We're there every step of the way, from leasing to purchasing, bolstered by guides and best practices.



Our commitment continues with package replacements and support during peak seasons, as we help your team embrace the world of reusable solutions.Can empty RePack be returned directly back to my own warehouse?


Can empty RePack be returned back to my own warehouse?
Is delivery costs to the customers included in the RePack fee too?
What happens to customer returns?
What is the point of returning an empty packaging? Think of all the CO2 emissions.
Is the prepaid empty return included in the montly leasing price?

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