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Increase your send rate with reusable packaging

Packaging for Take-back Programs

Does your business involve collecting items from customers, like clothing for resale, mobile phones for repair, ski equipment rentals, or electronics recycling? If so, RePack offers an ideal reusable packaging solution to streamline this process.

Our packaging is not just a container; it's a crucial component in ensuring the safe and secure return of items, elevating the customer experience significantly.

Drawing from our extensive experience across various industries, we've observed that reusable packaging not only enhances the user experience of take-back services but does so without incurring additional costs.

Boost Send Rates with Superior Packaging

Are customers hesitant to return items due to packaging concerns? Elevate your packaging with RePack and witness a noticeable increase in return rates.

Ship with Confidence

Our packaging is specifically designed for durability and versatility, ideal for both sending and receiving items. With RePack, you can be assured of the safety and integrity of your products throughout their journey.

Simplify the Return Process

We send our take-back packaging to your customers in a convenient, letter-sized format, eliminating the hassle and stress of preparing items for return.

Integrating RePack into Your Services

  • Monthly Rentals: Keep a steady flow of RePack parcels for ongoing exchanges, ensuring smooth operations in your take-back programs.
  • Efficient Management: Effortlessly handle shipments, reverse logistics, and cleaning, while we guarantee a consistent supply of packaging.

Customized Closed-Loop Pricing

Our pricing model is designed to be flexible, accounting for factors like package volume, design, and contract duration.

For example, renting over 1000 of our small standard bags starts at just 0.30 € per month.

If your business requires custom-designed packaging, we will work with you during the evaluation phase to determine the most cost-effective solution.

Our aim is to reduce your per-use costs below that of single-use alternatives, minimize environmental impact, and transform packaging from a cost center into a valuable asset for your business.

Transform Your Take-Back Program with RePack

Ready to upgrade your take-back program with RePack’s sustainable, efficient packaging solutions?

Contact us today to discover how we can help you reduce costs, improve customer experience, and contribute positively to the environment. Let’s make packaging an asset, not an expense.

How to implement reusable packaging?



We begin with an analysis of your current packaging and customer journey, crafting the business and sustainability case.



Test the waters with a small trial using our existing packaging range or a custom-designed prototype, refining through iterative feedback.



Transition to scale use with RePack's support. We're there every step of the way, from leasing to purchasing, bolstered by guides and best practices.



Our commitment continues with package replacements and support during peak seasons, as we help your team embrace the world of reusable solutions.Can empty RePack be returned directly back to my own warehouse?


Can empty RePack be returned back to my own warehouse?
Is delivery costs to the customers included in the RePack fee too?
What happens to customer returns?
What is the point of returning an empty packaging? Think of all the CO2 emissions.
Is the prepaid empty return included in the montly leasing price?

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