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Unlock Sustainable Success with RePack in Click & Collect

In today's rapidly changing e-commerce and sustainability landscape, embracing sustainable strategies is not just a choice, but a necessity. RePack has an innovative, environmentally conscious solution for click-and-collect services. It provides a way to reduce costs, streamline operations, and attract more customers to your physical stores. Leading retailers like Decathlon and John Lewis are already making strides by replacing single-use packaging with RePack in their click-and-collect offerings. Join this progressive wave today and move towards an environmentally responsible, waste-free delivery model.

Streamlined RePack Integration for Click & Collect

Adopting RePack in your click-and-collect process is straightforward and efficient. Many of our clients prefer using RePack for all click-and-collect orders, simplifying operations at packing stations and delivering a uniform customer experience.

When an order is dispatched in RePack, you decide whether the customer receives their items with or without delivery packaging. Opting for waste-free deliveries means the customer only gets their purchased items, and the empty RePack is promptly returned to the Distribution Service for reuse. If the customer receives their items in a RePack, we provide an easy return system to collect and reuse the packaging.

Rent RePack Bags: Cost-Effective and Convenient

  • Low Monthly Fees: Enjoy access to our sturdy, reusable packaging at an affordable monthly rate.
  • Seamless Management: Effortlessly oversee deliveries, reverse logistics, and packaging refurbishment, ensuring smooth operations across your stores and distribution centers.
  • Consistent Supply: Our regular top-ups and efficient asset tracking ensure you're never short on packaging supplies.

Affordable, Aligned, and Sustainable

RePack operates on a leasing model, ensuring our goals align with yours - providing long-lasting packaging solutions that cut down on cost per use. The more durable the packaging, the greater the savings and environmental benefits.

Embrace Convenience and Sustainability

  • Cost and Waste Reduction: Wave goodbye to escalating costs, packaging deficits, unpredictable lead times, and waste management charges. Welcome controlled costs, significantly reduced waste, and a positive impact on the environment.
  • Tailored Pricing: Our pricing is as unique as your business needs, influenced by factors like package volume, design complexity, and contract duration. For instance, renting over 1000 of our S size standard bags can start as low as 0.30 € per month, with custom design options available for specific needs.

A Circular Economy Solution for E-commerce

RePack is more than just packaging; it's a transformative solution at the intersection of e-commerce and environmental stewardship, benefiting your business and the planet.

  • Eliminate Single-Use Packaging: Bid farewell to disposable packaging with RePack’s reusable alternatives, reducing operational risks and costs.
  • Drive Store Traffic: Boost your store's appeal by installing collection bins for empty RePack bags, promoting sustainability and drawing in eco-conscious customers.
  • Enhance Customer Experience: Offer your customers a zero-waste click & collect experience, distinguishing your brand as a leader in sustainable practices.

How to implement reusable packaging?



We begin with an analysis of your current packaging and customer journey, crafting the business and sustainability case.



Test the waters with a small trial using our existing packaging range or a custom-designed prototype, refining through iterative feedback.



Transition to scale use with RePack's support. We're there every step of the way, from leasing to purchasing, bolstered by guides and best practices.



Our commitment continues with package replacements and support during peak seasons, as we help your team embrace the world of reusable solutions.Can empty RePack be returned directly back to my own warehouse?


Can empty RePack be returned back to my own warehouse?
Is delivery costs to the customers included in the RePack fee too?
What happens to customer returns?
What is the point of returning an empty packaging? Think of all the CO2 emissions.
Is the prepaid empty return included in the montly leasing price?

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