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How a global luxury brand moved to reusable packaging in PR shipments

A luxury brand pioneers reusable packaging for their loans to press: the right balance between convenience, sustainability, and luxury.

How a global luxury brand removed single-use from their loans shipments to the press

This case study highlights the success of a world-leading luxury house in using reusable packaging for their sample orders.

Almost 200 years old, the company specialises in lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, leather goods, perfumery, jewelry, watches, and ready-to-wear.

The challenge to address: Limiting packaging waste in loans for the press

Even if high end brands are rethinking their packaging strategies and prioritizing sustainability, in the hyper luxury world, consumers’ boxes can have a highly distinctive identity. Attractive and robust, they are iconic objects in their own right.

Luxury Packaging

However, there are areas where packaging is only wasteful, such as shipping packaging. For internal or B2B deliveries, single-use shipping packaging becomes even more unnecessary.

For photoshoots and events, magazines and stylists often borrow clothing from showrooms for models and celebrities to wear.

This means that for products to be featured and credited in the press, items are borrowed regularly from the company’s showroom to press and magazines.

Barbara Medo

One of the world's most valuable luxury brands contacted us to tackle an issue in this system.

This luxury house prides itself on its exclusive, long-lasting products, and they feared single-use packaging would tarnish those values, even in behind-the-scene settings.

The company’s press office has a showroom of samples which they loan to fashion, design, and interior press and magazines. They want to avoid using paper bags that get thrown away when shipping their samples.

Using reusable packaging with an affordable and convenient service

The RePack service for Internal Loops is perfect for this challenge.

  • The company rents the RePack bags for a low monthly fee, as well as branded sealing stickers to secure deliveries.
  • The RePack bags are exchanged back and forth during the samples loan.
  • The company keeps control of deliveries, reverse logistics, and cleaning when needed.
  • RePack provides up to 10% monthly top-ups for lost/damaged bags.

To start this circular system, we discussed with the company to understand their specific needs and define a model and pricing:

  • The company loans around 400 items per month
  • Loans generally last one week.
  • They offer a wide range of products: Men’s, Women’s, Accessories, Home products

As their showroom has limited space, we recommended renting the RePack L. The packaging can be adjusted with Velcro to the right size, making it the perfect one-size-fits-all packaging model.

For each of our RePack customers, we provide a template so they can design the sealing stickers internally, but we also offer our design services if needed. The sealing stickers guarantee safe deliveries and an easy return process for borrowers.

Press partners simply receive the borrowed item(s) in a RePack bag, store the bag during the lending time, return the borrowed item(s) in the same bag, and seal it with the extra sealing sticker included inside.

The company chose rolling contract to begin with and packaging has been in use for more than two years now. The arrangement has removed the need tp purchase new packaging again and again and reduced the cost per use of shipments too.

Convenient, Sustainable and differentiating

6-months later, the French design house is super pleased with the circular system they implemented.

"We are so impressed with RePack, we haven’t had any unreturned bags yet which has been amazing. Press are happy to work with us on this and we have had great feedback!"

— Senior Press & Influence Officer

When it comes to the packaging used in your internal shipments, RePack is the right balance between convenience and sustainability.

Conde Nast Traveler Photoshoo

To wrap up

The luxury house chose RePack to remove unnecessary single-use packaging waste from their loan deliveries to press and magazines — a practice that is acclaimed by their press partners and supports their company's sustainability goals.

  • Make a Good First Impression - Reusable packaging is positively perceived by B2B partners dealing with a large number of deliveries daily.
  • Support a Sustainable Mindset - RePack contributes to internal change within the company towards sustainability.
  • Break free from Single-use - Eliminate unnecessary packaging waste and its sourcing and waste management challenges.

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