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RePack - born to replace single-use

With a circular life in a linear industry, RePack comes as a sustainable solution to a real-world problem. Our reusable packaging has been co-created for users, by users.

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RePack Bag

Size S - 35×25×10 cm
Size M - 60x35x16cm
Size L - 68x35x22cm


RePack Bag for the U.S

Size S: 15x9.5x4 inches
Medium: 23x14x6 inches
Large: 26x14x8 inches


The RePack Boxes

Coming soon. 
Perfect for fragile items. 
Size: 11x15x25cm / 4x6x10 inches

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Designed to be reused

RePack bags are designed to be reused.

They are easy to open, fill, fold and return to reuse. Again and again.

We would love to say that you can reuse a RePack forever but that might be an exaggeration.

Just like a good suitcase, a RePack bag will last years and handle dozens of trips all over the world.

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Secure deliveries

The packaging exists to move things around and protect them. We understood the assignment.

We provide various sealing options that fit various packaging needs and set-ups.

Tape, document pouches or sealing stickers,  all ensure that your parcels arrive untouched.

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Connected packaging

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Awards in Design and Sustainability


We are bragging a bit but with a team stacked with design and sustainability experts, we do have enough awards to fill a trophy case.

Our work with RePack has been recognized by some of the best organizations in the world, from the World Economic Forum to the Nordic Environment Prize and the German Design Award.

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Packaging that's not thrown away must be designed to last

If you can't toss it, it must be good. RePack bags have to handle time, wind, and not-so-gentle logistics.

Recycled cardboard, upcycled billboards, upcycled events’ carpets - we explored many designs and materials before reaching our current RePack design that is circulating all over the world.

Today, RePack is made from post-waste recycled polypropylene (RPP). Fully certified.

That type of plastic has the best properties for us: durable, lightweight, water and tear-resistant. And recyclable, but only after being used again and again. (2) (1)
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End of life? Hardly!

There comes a time when our RePacks bags can't be used for new deliveries anymore. It's sad, but if you think that's the end, think again.

A RePack is like a fine wine – it only becomes better with age. RePacks don't go to waste when they are finished with their first jobs!

From simply recycling as a material selected, upcycled RePack's have been spotted on the shelves at Selfridges, catwalks of Paris or even at a K-pop concert! 

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