Pioneering reuse in e-commerce since 2011

Finland has had a bottle return system since 1952. We, the founders, have grown up with that. It's part of our culture.

Every home has a bag for empty bottles and cans, waiting to be returned to any grocery store. And we mean every home and any store, really. It's super convenient.

Once returned, you get your deposit back to spend on what you like. So it's rewarding too.

You don't see any discarded cans in Finland, making it environmentally friendly too.

In 2011 we got the idea to apply this approach to other forms of packaging and started from e-commerce because, hey, it's almost part of our daily lives.

We started RePack because such service did no exist, and for an entrepreneur if the idea is good and it does not exist - that's an opportunity to change the world for the better.


RePack is a super simple solution to ever-growing problem of packaging trash.

We are here to prevent waste before it's generated and close the loop on delivery packaging.

We do this by bringing retailers and people together in a loop of good.

Are you in?


We started RePack because such a service did not exist, and we firmly believed it should.

Now it does.


We respect other people’s time and respond and reply in a timely manner.

We expect this in return from our colleagues and partners.


We care about the well-being of the planet and the people we work with.

We are committed to scientific facts in our quest to innovate more sustainable packaging solutions.

Elements of Reusable packaging

RePack box foldable e-commerce packaging

Good Packaging Design

It all started with a cardboard box that folded into letter size when empty.

Our first packaging was an utter and complete failure.

It looked good but destroyed after one use.

Luckily we had a note inside the box to get feedback and we discovered that people loved the idea.

Really loved it. They gave a score of 9,5/10.

So the packaging didn’t work but concept was liked.

We realised we were onto something here.

Reverse Logistics

Good, durable packaging design is not enough.

Reverse logistics are the key to cost efficiency and scale. This requires partnerships and circular infrastructure.

We have extensive partnerships around the world to take back RePack packaging.

Currently, RePack returns take place either in postal channels or internal reverse logistics.

Reusable RePack packaging cycle in e-commerce


Once returned reusable packaging needs to be checked, cleaned and refurbished so that it's ready for another cycle.

Each RePack carries a unique ID to give us valuable information on the user behaviour, return rates and cycle times.

This data is used in impact reporting, consumer rewards, cycle optimisation and management.

Selected clients

Over 500 000 Reuse Cycles

RePack has worked with all the major online retailers in Europe and we have the scars to prove it.

Oysho x RePack

Our happy client stories

"Beyond our net promoter score increasing, which indicates positive customer satisfaction, we’ve also saved time from an operations perspective by packing parcels with RePack vs. cardboard boxes."

"We have been working with RePack for years and many of our customers choose this environmentally friendly package."

"We would recommend finding these return journeys that already exist within a company and tap into them with RePack"


How much does your packaging cost?


Is RePack available in France? UK? Germany? Sweden?


How many times can your packaging be used?


What is the RePack return rate?


It's always the right time to get closer to a zero-waste future