How flexible is it to use RePack?

RePack comes at almost zero commitment.

If you are traditional e-commerce selling goods, you can use RePack without any scary commitments. 

We will simply provide you with a minimum of 100 RePack per size (see RePack packages dimensions here), that you will ship yourself to your customers. When you are running out of stock, you’re free to re-order whenever you want. No commitment!

If, for some reason, you decide not to use RePack packages anymore, just notify us so we can organize the return of your unused packages as well as update your status in our systems. We don’t want to see you go though. Talk to us, we can fix this.

If your customers always return the product to you (rentals, try-out models), we have a closed-loop model coming up with a slightly different setup. Contact us, we’ll walk you through it.