Pioneering Circular Design in E-Commerce Packaging

From Concept to Industry Leader in Circular Economy Solutions

RePack's journey began as an innovative sustainable design agency, where we combined sustainability analysis, life-cycle analysis, and industrial design to forge new products.

At the heart of RePack lies a deep-rooted commitment to design excellence, a commitment that has been recognised through numerous awards in sustainability and design.

The genesis of RePack was inspired by a simple yet effective concept prevalent in Finland: the bottle return system. This system, a staple of Finnish daily life, epitomises the circular economy.

People collect bottles and cans, return them to stores, and receive a reward. It's a seamless process that's both user-friendly and eco-conscious.

RePack emerged from the idea of expanding this circular approach to other forms of packaging, broadening the scope of sustainability beyond just bottles and cans.

Our focus turned to e-commerce, a sector we realised was becoming an integral part of daily life.

We were surprised to find that, back in 2011, a consumer-facing reusable packaging solution didn't exist.

This gap presented us with both a challenge and an opportunity: to design and build a solution from the ground up.

This included everything from the packaging itself to the business model and data infrastructure, as well as the brand and service design.

Our approach has not only set industry standards but has also inspired numerous startups focusing on reusable packaging.

While some have emulated our design, we view this as a testament to our innovation and impact in the field, embracing the adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

RePack has evolved into a company celebrated for its success in sustainable design and we by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a "circular native company".

Award Winning Design

2022        U.S. Plastics Pact Honorary mention

2021        German Design Award - German Design Council

2021        German Ecodesign Award

2021        The Reusies Honorary mention - The Upsteam

2020       Fashion Innovation Award - Loomish

2020       German Sustainability Award – Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis

2019        Circular Economy Honorary mention - Sitra & Excellence Finland

2019        eDelivery Barcelona - Startup Competition Winner

2018        The Circulars – World Economic Forum

2017        Werkstatt - German Government

2017        Nordic Environment Prize

2017        Design Intelligence Award – China Academy of Arts

2016        Werkstatt - German Government

2015        Climate KIC Nordic Venture Cup Winner

2015        White Bull Award – Spain

2014        Fennia Prize Winner – Finland’s Most prestigious design prize

2014        Slush Top 100 Finalist

2014        Green Alley Winner – Germany

2013       PacTec – Innovation Award – Finnish Packaging Association

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