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How Hopaal pioneered reusable packaging in France with RePack

"Good ideas are contagious" - Hopaal

With RePack, the French brand Hopaal cracked the solution to offer reusable, eco-friendly, zero-waste packaging, without breaking the bank

Hopaal chooses to offer RePack on their webstore, turning their packaging experience into a continuity of the brand's vision. As the first in France to offer reusable packaging, this led to a high interest for French customers and media.

Find out how Hopaal found in reusable packaging a concrete sustainable solution that engaged their community!

Hopaal Products shipped in RePack

About Hopaal

Since 2016, the Hopaal brand has challenged the textile industry's dominant production and consumption model, pushing the boundaries of sustainability and transparency. In 2018, they were the first in France to offer reusable packaging, with RePack.

The challenge to address

Hopaal's guiding star is to dissect the entire fashion's value chain and offer a new, better way of doing it.

"One of our missions with Hopaal is to inspire the fashion ecosystem; not by big speeches but by concrete actions and choices which prove that new paths are possible. Repack is a prime example."

— Clément Maulavé, co-founder and CEO

The young label only uses recycled materials in its designs and manufactures within a radius of 1000 km. With 96% of their sales done online, packaging was a pillar challenge to solve. How to find an eco-friendly, zero-waste packaging option while operating on low margins?

How did RePack help the French brand solve its packaging challenge?

Hopaal started by ordering samples of the RePack packaging to understand the best fit for their different products without having to ship any air.

With the French Loop project's lower pricing and integrated stock management, Hopaal ensures to always have enough RePack in stock with no pressure on the balance sheet.

Hopaal asked customers 3€ for the RePack option and worked closely with RePack to pinpoint the best ways to convey the RePack option on the website and convert visitors to upgrade to reusable packaging when confirming their order.

Results: Hopaal's bet on reusable packaging paid off!

RePack Offered on Hopaal Checkout Website
"20% of orders sent with RePack, to me it's great news. People loved it, the media took an interest in it and even gave us several reports on this subject."

— Clément

As the first customer in France, they launched without knowing if French customers would be willing to choose this ecological option, but they sure did. The selection rate doubled from 10% to 20% by fine-tuning the website conversion method progressively.

More than converting customers to opt-in on their website, the partnership between RePack and Hopaal proved the Viability and feasibility of reusable packaging in France, and tens of brands have followed their steps. Now, reusable packaging is available at many brands in French e-commerce—great news for the fight against waste.

To wrap up

Hopaal took a bet with RePack, and it paid off. After being pioneers in testing it out four years ago, they now have a robust, reusable packaging offering on their website. With 20% of their customers willingly opt-in for 3€, Hopaal can reduce the impact of their e-commerce shipments and find an extra touchpoint to engage with their community.

  • Concrete sustainable solution aligned with their vision
  • Added value to the brand image and community engagement
  • Financial Viability even on low margin
"Good ideas are contagious. As a brand and as a community: we can give weight and importance to these innovations"

‍— Clément

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