I received a RePack. What is it?

You just received a RePack at home? Congratulations! 

If you have not been briefed yet, the brand you shopped at probably wants to reduce its environmental impact, and RePack is a great solution to get rid of packaging trash. Every time a RePack bag is being returned and reused, wasteful single-use is avoided and it also eliminates the need to manufacture new packaging.

So don’t throw it away, so it can be reused again and again by people like you all around the world. To keep the cycle going, you need to return your empty RePack to the nearest mailbox, it’s completely free, and you’ll get a reward for it (only from stores participating in the reward program, find the list here).

There are two ways to return a RePack:
If you're happy with your order, return your empty RePack following these instructions.
If you want to return a product, read this one.