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How to return/exchange a product with RePack?

Don’t change a thing, keep your habits, and follow the brand’s instructions.

Simply use the RePack as the packaging for your product return, make sure the RePack return flap does not show, and that you apply the brand return label correctly.

If you’re really into detailed instructions, have fun with the following:

    • Use the velcro to scale the packaging to the size of the product.
    • Make sure the RePack return label is hidden (this little flap attached to the bag with an Estonian or US return label)
    • Use tape to seal RePack. No need to over tape! Just along the closing flap. 
    • Use the return label provided by the brand you shopped at, and stick it to the tape you used to seal the RePack.
    • Don’t you have any tape at home? Don’t bother buying any. Just bring your ready RePack to the postal office or your return point, they usually have plenty of it you can borrow, and ship the RePack from there :-)

If you’re a webstore, you should have received a super complete packing and sealing guide. Contact help@originalrepack.com or your salesperson if that’s not the case.