RePack partners with Axla to make reuse adoption seamless in the Logistics world

RePack and Axla Logistics are starting a partnership! Axla will now distribute RePack to their customers, making reuse adoption even easier for brands.

In our last blog post, a summary of the Fashion for Good report, we highlighted the importance of stakeholders cooperation to scale reuse properly. Logistic providers, brands, retailers, distributors: the network must work together to make reuse as accessible as possible.  Well well! With our first partnership with a logistic provider, we are paving the way!

It's time to shake up e-commerce Logistics!

Whilst the current system of single-use plastic provides a low-cost and highly functional solution, it often comes at the expense of the environment and of the user experience. Who isn't tired of receiving tons of trash at home? Those trips to the trash bin are not so enjoyable, and the planet could really use a break from resources overuse. 

Single use logistics

There is no doubt that the introduction of new solutions (aka reusable packaging) will lead to changes in the brands' operations and logistics. Integrating solutions like RePack can present challenges to logistics providers, given their optimised systems are set up for single-use packaging.

That is why the integration of our service into current equipment and processes is a top priority for us. 

Transitioning to reusable packaging is a systems-level change that requires buy-in from all stakeholders across the value chain: including innovators, brands, 3PL companies, consumers and policy-makers. Real cooperation across the value chain will enable us to multiply the potential impact of reusable.

RePack and Axla cooperate to make reusable packaging adoption easy

RePack in logistics

Luckily, change is already underway! 

In the past, we've been working closely with the brands themselves to understand how their current systems operate. This time, we are partnering directly with logistics providers, thanks to Axla Logistics. 

“This partnership makes the adoption of reusable packaging a smooth ride for e-commerce merchants. Axla paths the way of logistics that don’t come in the way of innovation, but play the role of the enabler”, says Jonne Hellgren, CEO and Founder at RePack.

They reached out and shared they wanted to work for a more sustainable e-commerce future while enhancing the user experience. Indeed, consumers are more than ready for a change in the way they experience e-commerce, and it's now up to the industry to meet these new expectations. 

The Finnish Axla Logistics has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce logistics, working with customers such as Boozt, CDON, Nelly and Orkla. Axla handles the e-commerce logistics of its customers, meaning incoming inventory, warehousing, order processing, packing, postage and return handling. And now, thanks to this cooperation, Axla will offer directly RePack to their own customers, and play the role of a distributor!!

Our common goal of offering sustainable e-commerce logistics makes this partnership a no-brainer for us”, says Matias Toukonen, Sales & Marketing Manager at Axla Logistics. “We are impressed by the work done by team RePack so far and happy that we can now offer our e-commerce merchants the possibility to enhance their customer experience by using a sustainable, reusable packaging option in RePack.”

With this partnership with Axla Logistics, we allow a more seamless integration into the brand's warehouse management system,  as well as integrating into the e-commerce system.

Brands, contact Axla right away and enhance your impact and customer experience, seamlessly! 

3PL, contact us and start distributing RePack to your customers!

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