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Let your customers choose RePack over single-use packaging on your Shopify online store

Find out how the service works and how to use RePack in your Shopify store and operations.
RePack for Shopify Stores


Offering RePack on your Shopify webstore

With our pop-up, you can expect 1/3 of your customers to choose reuse over single-use!

By offering RePack at your webstore, your brand hits the sustainability sweet spot.

RePack is a concrete solution that drastically reduces the negative impact of your shipping activities, strengthening your sustainability commitment.

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How does it work?

Your customer is asked to choose between single-use and reuse just before they enter the checkout.

RePack's Shopify app simply displays a sleek pop-up window and no changes to the checkout are made.

It’s a simple, user-friendly feature that can easily be added to the customer journey but comes with a big impact.

How much should you charge for a RePack?
Brands usually ask for a fee between 1€ and 4€, covering all, or some of the RePack costs for your brand. You can change the RePack fee at any given time.

This makes RePack not only a way to reduce your footprint and enhance the customer experience, but also a smart investment.
How is the integration added to your Shopify store?
We install the app for you or we deliver the guidelines for your tech team for easy installation.

Standard Installation usually takes 1 to 3 days to complete and is free of charge. For customisation requests, we charge a small fee.

Once the app is installed, RePack packaging is automatically added to your store's product list with a product image and description.

More details on the Shopify integration → click here

How does the RePack service work?

RePack is ideal for online stores wishing to reduce the environmental impact of their e-commerce shipping, by offering reusable packaging to their customers.

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  • You purchase RePack bags from us
  • You ship to your customers in RePacks
  • Your customers return the empty RePacks to us
  • Product returns come back to you in RePack
  • We take care of reverse logistics and cleaning

What is included in the service?

✓ Packaging cycles*
We recommend you purchase 30% of your packaging needs for at least 2 months.

✓ Integration on your Shopify webstore
Our team implements the pop-up directly on your site. See details

✓ Sealing method
Both for shipment and return to ensure secure deliveries

✓ Communication tools
We help you communicate about RePack to your audience on your site and channels

+ Reward System (optional)
We help you set up the reward system that will improve your customer's reuse experience

+ Cleaning kit (additional fee)
All-natural products to keep your RePacks in good shape

*The packaging cycles do not include (1) the delivery cost from RePack to your warehouse, (2) your shipping costs and customer return cost


Packing with RePack

RePack is easy to handle by logistics and guarantees a safe delivery. You pack, seal and ship!

In your first order, you'll receive the bags, detailed packing guides and your preferred RePack sealing method.

If you're looking for more information about our packaging models, you can check out our brochure here.

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Keep the return rate high and your customer happy by including our instruction flyer

Let's be honest, most consumers have never used reusable packaging when shopping online. This will be their first time. Let's make it a good one.

Our instruction note gives clear and simple instructions on how to return the empty RePack or how to return a product to your store.

Plus, did you know the carbon footprint of the paper instruction is the same as an e-mail?

What about joining our optional Reward Program?

With our optional RePack Reward Program, consumers are promised a reward that they choose for returning their empty RePack.

  • Improves the return rate of RePacks

  • Improves your customer loyalty

A great experience AND a reward will give happy customers plenty of reasons to come back to your online store!

Examples: 10% discount off their next purchase or 2€ donated to an NGO

Reward system


The Environmental Impact

By offering the RePack option through your Shopify integration, you can expect about 30% of your customers to select it. You will therefore eliminate a third of your packaging waste and reduce co2 emissions by 80%.

Every returned RePack reduces trash and removes the need to manufacture new packaging. We sort, check and clean all returned RePacks. If too damaged to be reused, we upcycle or recycle them into new products. The rest is cleaned and added back to our shop for you to place your next order.

Of course, returns have a small carbon footprint too. On average an empty RePack return in Europe has a footprint of 36g of CO2, the equivalent of a letter - and much less than the process of discarding, recycling, landfilling, burning and producing more packaging waste.

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