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RePack for
Take-backs Programs

RePack is an easier and more sustainable way to exchange parcels with your customers.
Our packaging renting system is available worldwide and guarantees you peace-of-mind. 

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They already adopted RePack

Align with your Values

Choose a packaging that resonated with what your circular business stands for.

Ship with Peace of mind

Our strong durable packaging is designed to handle delivery and returns. 

Reduce your Footprint

Lower the impact of your online orders by using RePack instead of single-use alternatives.

How to use RePack bags for your Re-commerce deliveries?

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  • Rent the RePack bags for a monthly fee
  • Exchange RePacks parcels back and forth within your re-commerce operations
  • You control shipments, reverse logistics and cleaning
  • We make sure you never run out of stock with up to 10% top-up per month.
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From 0.85€/0.90$ per bag

Why deal with head-scratching packaging sourcing challenges when you could save time, money, and headaches with reusable packaging?

Get ready to forget about:

  • Rapidly rising costs
  • Packaging shortage
  • Unreliable lead time
  • Waste management costs

Hello peace of mind with RePack

  • Secured packaging stock
  • Controlled costs
  • 99% less waste
  • Insanely better environmental impact

Our monthly fee is based on your contract length and the volume you need.

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Finlayson - They do take-backs with RePack

RePack for Finlayson Take back programs

Finlayson expanded their take-back campaigns by allowing customers to return textiles in stores but also from anywhere with returnable RePacks.

  • Huge success with over 12,000 kg of jeans material collected
  • Exceptional customer feedback, with a Net Promoter Score of 84
  • Supported the company's shift to the circular economy and actively reduced waste.
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