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No one likes trash. For World Environment Day, ditch single-use.

On the 5th of June is World Environment Day 2020. On this occasion, let's talk about this year's focus: the loss of biodiversity. You know, everything alive on this planet. Gloomy topic, but keep on reading and I promise you some very nice pictures of animals.

Told you, very nice pictures. But now that you're here, you could keep reading.

fact: biodiversity continues to decline
in every region of the world, significantly reducing nature’s capacity to contribute to people’s well-being. This alarming trend is a very freaking dark cloud over our heads. It's endangers economies, livelihoods, food security, and the quality of life of people everywhere.

But what's going on?

I'm glad you asked. To keep it short, there are 3 mains drivers of the biodiversity loss: 
  • Land-use change: Our demand for food and resources is driving deforestation and destroying natural habitats. 

  • Climate crisis is increasing extreme weather and driving habitat loss and degradation.

  • Pollution is a major and growing threat to biodiversity. Open waste dumps and the 5 trillion macro and micro plastics have devastating effects on soils, freshwater, and marine habitats. 


What can we do? Is life literally doomed to disappear?

  • Yes. No. The good news is that we can reverse the trends of biodiversity loss by re-imagining our relationship with nature and acting now to increase ambition and accountability for its protection. We must conserve and restore wildlife and wild spaces, rethink how our economic systems have evolved and the impact they have on the environment.

  • To have a concrete impact, pick a concrete action. Ours is to fight single-use packaging. It piles up and contributes to the loss of biodiversity. Choosing reusable packaging really makes a difference.

  • By joining the #reuserevolution and choosing RePack, you encourage others to ditch single-use waste and to protect all life on Earth.

Don’t F*ck with nature, go trash-free.



Special thanks to the World Environment Day Campaign