RePack Winner of the Loomish's Fashion Innovation Award!

RePack is the 2020's winner of the Loomish Fashion Innovation Award, category sustainable retailing!

The year 2020 was supposed to be the “Annus Mirabilis” of fashion sustainability. Then the pandemics turned our worlds upside down. But all is not doom and gloom! Tons of actors around the globe are fiercely trying to change fashion for the best. We're very very proud to be the winner of the Loomish's Fashion Innovation Award, sustainable retailling category! 

Loomish SA is a Swiss-based investment management firm specialized in Lifestyle Tech, with a focus on Fashion, Food, Travel and Design industries. 

As usual, this year’s Fashion Innovation Award was hosted in Switzerland. It was attended by the key stakeholders of the global fashion tech industry, including leading fashion brands and investors. This time, there was focus on the fashion tech startups deploying new technologies to enhance sustainability across the world.

For the Fashion Innovation Awards 2020, the jury chose 18 finalists from over 100 applicants from all over the world including Finland, Italy, Germany, India, Sweden, Israel, Spain, Portugal, UK, US and the Netherlands. As there were restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis, the pitch day was held as a hybrid online-offline.

Jelena Tasic Pizzolato, Director of Innovation Scouting and Deal Flow at Loomish states, “Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world and we, at Loomish, are proud to be working hand-in-hand with major international brands and leading innovators in the field to help make the industry become more sustainable..”

These 4 European tech startups won the Fashion Innovation Award 2020, sustainability edition

Earlier this year, Loomish also invited us to a super interesting conversation along with Aike Festini, CEO at Luckabox, and Andre Reid from Microsoft. 

Listen to it here: 


Aike Festini, CEO at LuckaBox, Switzerland: Experienced and ambitious business leader innovating the logistics and supply chain industry.
Andrew Reid, Swiss Startup Programme Owner and General Manager of Services & Support EMEA at Microsoft. With over 20 years of career with Microsoft, Andrew is a seasoned International Leader, enabling major customers to digitally transform.
Jonne Hellgren, CEO & CO-Founder at Re-Pack, Finland. Re-Pack is a scale-up that has created a globally unique reusable packaging service.
Moderator: Jelena Tasic Pizzolato, Director of Innovation Scouting and Deal Flow, Loomish, Switzerland.


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