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Winner of the German Design Award 2021!

It is an incredible honor that RePack has been selected as the winner of the category ‘Excellent Communication Design Packaging’!

The German Design Council evaluates projects based on i.a. their concept, sustainability, and durability. The aim of the competition is to not only promote the winning projects but also educate the greater public on good design. The German Design Award is highly valued in today's design industry. To them, outstanding design has three components. Firstly, there is cultural and economic enrichment. Secondly, the concept demonstrates future-oriented thinking. And lastly, the project provides an answer to current challenges. 

Single-use packaging is quite a big global issue and RePack is a very bold global answer. In the words of the judges: 


“Ingenious solution to the packaging waste problem.”



Receiving this award is meaningful for an array of reasons but the most significant one is that RePack is being commended for changing corporate practices and consumer behaviour. This is a big thing. The design solutions of tomorrow, need to not only solve technical issues but equally provoke cultural change. RePack is an excellent example of this because it changes the packaging narrative entirely. Consumers, or end-users as we like to call them, are no longer sent trash, rather they are given a service. 

RePack is pretty snazzy, to say the least, and this award is proof of it ;)

See the award page here