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H&M's Weekday trials reusable packaging

H&M's Weekday is Repacking. How awesome is that?

We have news to share. H&M Group is doing cool things with Weekday to make shopping online more sustainable.

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RePack is part of the Weekday / The Workshop-project.


Weekday / The Workshop 

The concept is to manufacture on-demand,  and it is brilliant as it enables to produce just the right amount, reducing unnecessary production and therefore unsold product and waste.
It's not just neat for the environment, it's also pretty fun. 
You can just customize a cotton T-shirt or sportswear, and print your own printed patterns or letters through the waterless printing technology developed jointly by Laboratory and Weekday. Your name on your shirt, finally. 





But here at RePack, we're more excited by The Workshop deliveries: in our reusable packaging. 

Weekday has a 100% Circular & Renewable vision. To help Weekday reach that we are making empty RePack returns even easier by taking empty RePack's back at Weekday stores. 

  • Starting in September 2019, a 3 month test period with 3 phases :

    1. Repack for free, to be returned in store with a 10% off next purchase incentive. 
    2. Repack as a paid option at checkout, to be returned by mailbox, with a 10% off next purchase incentive. 
    3. Repack as a free option, to be returned in store or by mailbox, without incentive.

  • A first test of 1000 bags in 3 sizes :  60% S, 30% M and 10% L size. 

The test will be run in Germany, UK and Sweden, where custom-made products have a bigger demand.

You can get your RePack delivered, on-demand shirt here. Now


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