This summer, we've been crossing the Atlantic.

This summer, we've been crossing the Atlantic. The US is now repacking!

Meet the brands that decided to join Repack's adventure from North-America.

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Three of them.


Ciele Athletics, Softstar shoes & Curator SF are the brands that have been testing Repack all summer and we are excited to introduce them to you.


The super cool Ciele is a Montreal-based brand proving that a simple idea is usually the best idea (couldn't agree more on that). Jeremy Bresnen and Mike Giles followed this concept to rethink the most simple product of all, a cap. But not just a simple cap : the best running cap of all time. 


Then, there is Softstar shoe, Tricia Salcido's footwear brand. Tricia is following a neat path, being to make every aspect of her business as clean as possible. And if you ask me, she probably won't stop anytime soon.


“It can be challenging because you’re never done, you can always improve.” 

Tricia Salcido


Over the last decade, Curator SF has been knitting long-standing relationships with its partners. All their garments are made in the U.S. with 100% of the line manufactured within a 10-min drive from their shops. On motto in mind : Know Your Clothes.



All different, but they share a very common ground : they're always down to innovate for the better.


As their brands got bigger, they all noticed a growing number of customers ordering the same item in different sizes. It means a return.

It means that the packaging is coming back, so how on earth does it make sense to use single-use then? (beyond the fact singe-use is just stupid, always).


So now comes the good part, that's when Repack enters the picture.


" I started to search for a reusable envelope for these orders that were clearly coming back to me. I could not find one on the US market, so I started developing my own envelope out of durable scrap fabric and sending them back and forth in the USPS system. They worked! I toyed with the idea of starting a shipping envelope company. until I found RePack." 

Deirdre Nagayama,  Curator SF's co-founder





So, how did it work?

Yes, they all decided to take part of our US launch with a pilot during 2019 summer, but how exactly?

As part of the pilot study, they needed to pick a good way to collect feedback from their customers, and to see how RePack would work for them. 

To do that, they all focused on a specific kind of order in shape and size. 
The randomly - and luckily - chosen ones would receive their goods in a RePack.

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The results were beyond encouraging!

At the moment, we are still collecting all the feedbacks, but so far it's been great and we are just happy.

So hey, thank you 'Merica! 


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