RePack releases a limited edition of a Green Packaging

We made a new RePack packaging and it is as green as it looks.

Is it what a mojito looks like? More cucumber-ish? Call it what you want, but it certainly is funky. And we like funky.

If you're into it and want to pack your goodies in one of those RePack, let us know and we will reserve some for you. 

image (8)

What has gotten into us?

Why are we coming up with a new RePack color? That's a good question I'm glad you asked.

Thing is we found a new manufacturer, and we of course wanted to order a first batch, to see if this was a match.

When working on the design of our RePacks, we thought, why not try something else? A sassy copy, a funky color, that's the road we decided to take. And franckly we're loving it.


Do I Look Like Trash To You

How can you get some?

Click here to let us know how many bags you would like to secure. As usual, minimum order quanitty is 100 :) And we have it only in size M !

Also, the universe decided that the delivery time will take forever. So don't expect them to be in your hands before a few days or weeks months.


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