Selfridges' Project Earth launched as RePack lands on Oxford Street 🌍

Reusable RePack packaging, upcycled into a fashion statement in collaboration with Aalto International, now available at Selfridges

What are the chances for an e-commerce packaging to be displayed on London's most famous' shelves? Probably as likely to happen as you and me to land on the moon. After weeks of keeping our lips sealed, we are happy (read absolutely FREAKING OUT) to announce that you can now find our upcycled RePacks in Selfridges as part of the carefully curated Project Earth!! 🌍💛

A few days ago, Selfridges announced its new and bold sustainability initiative, "Project Earth", which aims to help customers change the way they shop.

Built jointly with over 300 brand partners as well as the Woodland TrustWWF, and Greenpeace, Project Earth comes now as a commitment to "change the way we shop" by 2025.

AND FOR SURE, we had to be one of those partners, thanks to our long time friends & partners Aalto International and Globe Hope, who surpass themselves to make this outer-space-dream come true.

RePack's Moonshot at Selfridges. 

Along with Globe Hope's expertise on reusing materials, Aalto International came up creative ways to upcycle our iconic packaging: phone cases, handbags, tote bags.. shop the collection here, and when you next stumble across us in the Selfridges Accessories Department, be sure to pay a visit to our beloved RePacks 👋

Feel free to tag us in your Instagram stories and posts. We're here in Helsinki but we'd love to take a close look at them too. 👀

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photos and VM by @jadesullivanstyling, thanks for your amazing work!

Let's change the way we shop.

"For the last decade we have taken ground-breaking steps to put people and planet at the heart of our business, embedding sustainability alongside creativity. Project Earth is not only our bold, new commitment to stretching environmental targets, it is about imagining new ways to do business, within the next five years."

Alannah Weston, Selfridges Group Chairman

 Selfridges aim to achieve their goals by 2025 by focusing on those three main areas:

  • Materials – Ensure the most environmentally impactful materials used throughout the business come from certified, sustainable sources by 2025
  • Models – Pioneer new retail models and experiences make Selfridges synonymous with circularity, including repair, resell, refill, and rental.
  • Mindsets – Put longevity, creativity, and sustainability at the heart of the business. Engage with teams, partners, and customers to effect change.

To begin "Project Earth," Selfridges is hosting eight weeks of experiments, innovations, and conversations with various brands and experts. 

If you're lucky enough to be in London, you can't miss it. And I mean, how could you? It's bright yellow and straight in the middle of Oxford Street ;) 

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