RePack received the Solar Impulse Foundation Label

Solutions exist to fight back the climate crisis and labels exist to assess them. RePack is honoured to receive the Solar Impulse Foundation Label!

Back in July, we started a long labeling process. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label is designed to shed light on 1000 existing solutions, that must be both clean and profitable.

Mkay but what´s the Solar Impulse Foundation?

The Foundation's goal is to bridge the gap between economy and ecology. Basically, for Bertrand Piccard, founder, the world will go nowhere if we try to protect the environment by threatening human comfort, mobility and economical development.

Firstly, these guys achieved the first solar flight around the world. Nice. Second phase is now to select #1000solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way, and bringing them to decision makers to help them adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

To be labelled, a solution first needs to meet criterias:

  1. Feasibility
    The solution must be already commercialized on the market, or to be deemed to have the potential to be deployed and scaled-up in the real world.

  2. Environment
    The solution must have a direct positive impact on the environment compared to a reference, without any significant negative impact transferred over its entire lifecycle.

  3. Profitability
    The solution must provided economic incentives for its clients to buy it and has potential to be sold profitably at a price for which there is a demand in the market - regardless of competitors, novelty, marketing and human resources aspects.

Why was it so important to us?

More than a nice label added to our collection, what we wanted was to go through was this strict assessement: made by a pool of independant and highly competent experts. In collaboration with renowned institutions, solutions applying to the label must go through a neutral and certified methodology.

So yeah, it took us a lot of time and energy - check out the following figure - but 100% worth it! 

Repack is now a labelled solution! 

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