Repack honored with the Circular Economy Honorary Mention 2019 !

Repack recognized by Sitra and Laatukeskus with the first Circular Economy Honorary Mention

Yesterday, we received the Circular Economy Honorary Mention 2019 from The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Finnish Quality Association. Thank you!

For the very first time, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Finnish Quality Association have awarded seven Finnish pioneering companies when it comes to the circular economy.

The prize was handed to us by Krista Mikkonen, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change; true honour!

Those first recognitions are marking a real starting point in the development of internationally accepted criteria for circular economy business, as part of the globally recognized EQFM Quality Management Model


The circular economy redesigns the way companies operate and perform. The way in which profits were made in the past is not the norm in the business of the future. 

"Changing corporate earnings logic to the circular economy requires tools to measure development. We will build the circular economy assessment criteria as part of the EFQM 2020 model, which will also be used to address awards, " says Tani Järvinen, CEO of the Finnish Quality Association.

The first Circular Economy Awards 2019 went home to: 

  • 3 Step IT, leasing office electronics to over 4000 organizations.
  • Neste Suomi, produces diesel and plastic solutions from waste and residues.
  • TouchPoint: manufactures workwear from textile and plastic waste.

The Circular Economy Honorary Mentions 2019 were received by:

  • MaaS Global, provides a mobility service that combines public transportation, taxis and cars. 
  • Nokia, remanufactures and refurbishes used electronics for resale.
  • RePack, offers reusable packaging for eCommerce as a service.
  • Swappie, repairs and resells used smartphones.


This year's recognition criteria have been based on Sitra 's list of Most Interesting Circular Economies , created in 2016 . The purpose of the list, which has grown from 19 companies to nearly 130 companies (including Repack, of course!), has been to present Finland's most inspirational business examples in the circular economy and to challenge Finnish companies to meet the needs of a changing world.

Pretty excited to see what the future has to offer! 

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