62% of Canadian consumers are craving responsible packaging.

Canadian customers are fed up with packaging trash. RePack is bringing reusable and returnable packaging on the Canadian market to fix this problem.

“We can’t wait.” 

According to CBC Canada, more and more Canadians are really fed up with the lack of action on the growing packaging pollution, and dead-serious about getting rid of garbage. Good news: In October, RePack will be available everywhere in Canada. 

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Canada is ready for a change. 

Until recently, Canadians relied on recycling to manage the mountains of trash, but that took an apparent u-turn. After the news that the country was sending vast amounts of its recyclable waste overseas, people’s trust got lost. Hard to know what happens to what you put in the blue bin, right?

In a recent survey completed by CanadaPost, Canadian customers seem to be craving a real change in e-commerce packaging.

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The results are pretty straightforward: consumers want their online shopping to have a low impact on the planet, and they want to feel like they’re part of the solution.


What does it mean for your business? 

Moving your business online is becoming the norm. Especially with COVID, “many small businesses had to pivot quickly and adjust their business models to move online,” says Danielle Doiron from Canada Post.

Getting people to end up on your website is one thing, but you need to keep them around and resonate with them. That means offering a fantastic experience, from browsing to packaging. 

Canadian retail players must take sustainability seriously as it’s no longer just a nice feature to add to a product. With 49% of respondents saying they expect businesses to be accountable for their environmental impact, sustainability is now the only way of doing business for companies looking to meet consumer preferences.

And packaging is a smart way to start.  Shoppers want to do something for the environment, and RePack is a hands-on way to do so. 


How does RePack support your business?


RePack’s idea is simple. We’re getting rid of trash by making single-use a thing of the past. Our circular packaging is a game-changer: users absolutely love it, and it has a transformative impact on the environment.

Reuse isn’t just having a moment; it’s a full-on movement. Since its beginning in 2013, RePack now gathers 120+ brands under its flag from 17 different countries. It’s now time for Canadian brands to revamp their customer experience.

How does it work?

RePacks are reusable and returnable. After receiving their orders, users return their empty RePacks by the post, and the RePack hub will make sure they’re clean, sanitised, and ready to go for another round.



Successful tests in North America

Last summer, we had successful pilots with a handful of North-American brands: the American based Softstar and Curator, and the Canadian Ciele Athletics. Fantastic start!

Albert instein


Ciele is a Montreal-based brand proving that simple ideas are usually the best ; couldn't agree more on that.

The founders followed this concept to design the best running cap of all time. Carefully picked materials, responsible packaging: the attention to details makes all the difference. RePack definitely brought extra value to the main product.
A win for the client, the brand and of course, the planet. 


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Get started! 

This October, new brands are ready to jump in too. Altitude Sports and Emterra Group are already prepared to get started, and we’ll drop more names in 2021.The solution is here, and your customers are craving for it. Interested in being one of the first Canadian brands to offer RePack?



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