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How to convert 1/3 of your customers to choose reusable packaging with Shopify

The RePack integration for Shopify makes it seamless, cost-effective for online retailers to offer reusable packaging to their customers.

More sustainable business practices are not reserved for niche, eco-friendly companies anymore. It has become the norm, and brands are now expected to do their bit for the planet. 

Ultimately, packaging has become the physical embodiment of a brand’s attitudes in this area, especially in e-commerce. Making the effort to reduce your packaging footprint is more than a sustainability commitment, it makes your customers fall in love with you.

A fact: 30% of e-commerce shoppers are ready to pay extra for sustainable packaging

The time when brands had to choose between customer experience and sustainability for their packaging is over. 

There’s an increasing dislike for wasteful, oversized packaging and a growing preference for sustainable alternatives in e-commerce. 

Today's customers find more value in a delivery of choice that has minimised the environmental impact than in a maximalist branded box filled with ribbons and confetti that ultimately will end up in the trash after being used once.

In fact, according to our data of RePack using brands on Shopify, on average 30% of e-commerce shoppers are ready to pay extra for reusable packaging and this trend is growing.

This IBM report on the latest consumption habits confirms this new e-commerce landscape in a wide-scale study.Volcom quote about the RePack experience


Reusable packaging is the hottest and most sustainable option

By offering RePack at your webstore, your brand hits the spot. More than a sustainability report, RePack is a concrete action that the customer can feel and take part in.
Shoppers who receive your products in a RePack will remember the experience and added value.
To measure customer satisfaction we collect user feedback and the NPS (Net Promoter Score), the gold standard of customer satisfaction metric. It measures how RePack impacts users' perception of the webstores using it.
The results are mind-blowing. With an average NPS score of 74%, RePackis not only liked by its users - it’s loved.

For more information on the user experience click here!


Integrating RePack with Shopify is a low effort, high-value asset

Are you using Shopify? This is how easy it is to integrate reusable packaging into your customer journey.
Once the customer has selected the goods they want, they are presented with a pop-up box to choose between RePack or disposable packaging.

Our data shows that between 20% to 40% of customers choose RePack when they are prompted through the pop-up dialogue.

Éliou reports that 30% of their deliveries are shipped in RePack since they started in April, and at Skhoop, the RePack option got so popular that all customers chose reuse over single-use!

Different display of RePack pop-up for Shopify at éliou, Volcom, Gymnation and Hopaal

Brands usually ask for a fee between 1€ and 4€, which covers fully or partially any packaging cost - making RePack not only a way to reduce your footprint and enhance the customer experience, but also a smart investment.
Basically, reusable packaging is free for the brand.


A packaging that is as sustainable as it's cost-neutral? Yep.

According to Raconteur, 43% of businesses cite cost as being one of the biggest obstacles in adopting sustainable packaging. A change of perspective shows that reusable packaging is more cost-effective than it may first appear.

How is the RePack plug-in integrated on Shopify?

If your webstore is running on Shopify, integrating RePack is seamless.
Visit our page to learn more and get in touch!

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