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Meet the pioneers of RePack's successful launch  in North America

After very successful pilots in 2019 (we wrote a story about it here), we re-designed our RePack to fit with the American market. Then, 2020 happened. Riots, fires, elections, covid.. outch.

We couldn't have picked a tougher year to launch in North America. It has been challenging at time (read: bloody hard) BUT we're really freaking happy to still be on track and to kick-off the launch with brands that are more than ready to get rid of trash.

America's RePack pioneers

We're really proud of the brands offering RePack in the U.S., so let's put a highlight on the first ones:

  • Levi's x Ganni and their collection of denim made from repurposed and upcycled vintage denim, made available for rent through the 'Ganni Repeat' rental scheme.
  • Aeternal lovers: a fantastic community of artists, entrepreneurs and leaders based in the Bronx, driven by the Earth and Black culture in the Americas.
  • RE/DONE: upcycling at its best in Downtown Los Angeles, where they handpick vintage Levi’s jean’s and repurpose them by hand using water conserving methods and no harsh chemicals.
  • éliou, the Miami-based jewellery label. RePack got so popular they had to panik-restok under a week! 

A good communication goes a long way. Spotlight on Éliou's success


How to estimate how your customer will react to something new? Let's say (total surprise), reusable packaging? 

Many times, brands piloting RePack directly approached their community to get their feeling about such packaging, and the result is always the same, people are really into it. 

The crucial part for the webstore is to nail the communication so consumers understand the benefit of RePack right when they place their order. Éliou did a great job at it, by implementing a pop-up at check-out, asking the customer to make an active choice between single-use and reusable packaging. 

On top of that, they introduced RePack on their social media channels, making it a part of their brand experience. 

A total win if you asked me - after a few days only, we had to send new RePacks to éliou to keep up with the hype! 

Featured in Business of Fashion and Fast Company

Is there a best way to kick-off our U.S. launch that to be featured in two of the most influential media?! 

Fast Company released a full portrait of RePack "This reusable packaging could help stop the massive amounts of e-commerce waste" in the category "World Changing Ideas" with in interview of our North America Director :)

Business Of Fashion published a study on the e-commerce fashion world  and the very clear shrinking of the market for sustainability. One of the key findings is that the shift to make fashion more circular requires new types of partners and infrastructures. RePack for example ;)

What are you waiting for?

Reuse isn’t just having a moment; it’s a full-on movement. Since its beginning in 2013, RePack now gathers 120+ brands under its flag from 17 different countries. It’s now time for Canadian brands to revamp their customer experience.

How does it work?

RePacks are reusable and returnable. After receiving their orders, users return their empty RePacks by the post, and the RePack hub will make sure they’re clean, sanitised, and ready to go for another round.

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