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Matkahuolto: first to offer RePack in C2C environment

We are partnering with Matkahuolto to provide a reusable packaging service for C2C !

Talking from experience, when I receive a package from my family or friends, it usually comes in a new box they bought for the occasion, or in an old cardboard box they had around - did they keep it on purpose or where they too lazy to bring it to the recycle bin? Anyway, those boxes might last 2 rounds, top. 

Matkahuolto approached us with this thought. What if everyone, and not only businesses, could easily have access to reusable packaging? 

We are super excited to announce our new partnership with Matkahuolto! Friends from Finland, this one is for you. No more waste when shipping your personal orders. Discover RePack for all, exclusively with Matkahuolto!


So, what's going on? 
  • Starting at the end of April 2020, you will be able to try out our new circular packaging service for all with Matkahuolto.
  • To begin with, RePack reusable packaging will be available in 20+ Matkahuolto Service Points around Finland.

How can I get my hands on it?


  • By sending a package:
    Whether you are an occasional online vendor or simply want to ship something to a friend, you can now simply choose a reusable packaging RePack at

  • Or by receiving a package:
    If you received a parcel in a RePack, you have 2 options: 
    • You can reuse the packaging yourself for your own shipment and benefit from a nice reward.
    • No need for a spare packaging? Don't throw it out. You can simply return the empty package to the closest Matkahuolto return point. 


Why is reusable packaging so much better for the planet?

This plan comes at a time when single-use packaging has become a climate problem, and there's a great need to reduce the amount of packaging we use by improving reusable option.

By reusable, we don't mean that you can reuse your packaging to create an amusement park for your guinea pigs or store old pictures, no. We mean that a single packaging will be used and reused, as such, by tens and tens of people.

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