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Stuck at home? Time for podcasts & webinars.

We've all been advised to avoid events, stay home and to wash our hands as much as possible. Well, if you're quarantined, relax and use that time to finally read that dusty book on your nightstand and to catch up with cool events you could not attend. Here is a selection of videos, webinars & podcasts featuring RePack and other reuse champions.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Rethinking Packaging through Reuse

Last year, we joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s CE100 network, which brings together businesses, innovators, cities, governments and universities committed to accelerating the transition to a circular economy.
Yesterday we were invited by the Foundation to discuss innovative reuse models and move away from the linear consumption. Mirek Lizec, Miwa's executive director also joined the talk!
The webinar went through the main findings of the foundation's book on reuse, gathering 60+ solutions for reuse, divided in 4 categories:  Refill at home, Refill on the go, Return from home and Return on the go. 

ChangeNow 2020: Circular Economy: New Business Models

Not only fashion needs a #reuserevolution ;)
At ChangeNOW Summit this January, we had the chance to discuss along with Pandobac and their reuse solution for waste generated by food supplies.

Neonyt: Better Packaging - Solutions for the Fashion industry


Neonyt podcasts topics range from a sustainable production, retail and better packaging to craft and jewelry 4.0. How can producers, brands, and retailers approach sustainability sensibly and really drive change in fashion.

On this episode, the question is to understand what is the carbon footprint of packaging in general and what’s the solution to reduce this impact? Pure Waste and Avocadostore both work with RePack to reduce waste and manage it more sustainably.


It should be the end of your quarantine by now.