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How to improve your Click and Collect offering with reusable packaging

RePack is a convenient and sustainable packaging for Click and Collect and other existing circular loops within a company. Easy to use, stack and store.

Of course, it’s great to get stuff delivered at home, but it’s just not optimal in some situations. With customers turning more and more to online shopping, there’s a growing need for alternative delivery methods. Click-and-collect, or buy-online, pickup-in-store (BOPIS), is a way for retailers to respond to increasing customer demand for convenience and more ecological alternatives. 

How RePack improves your Click and Collect further

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally driven in their choices and embrace the greater control and convenience that click & collect offers. How to make sure your offering meets this demand? 

The key is to tune the service and consumer experience to achieve maximum benefit for both parties. When it comes to the packaging used in your Click and Collect logistics, RePack is an excellent option. It’s the right balance between convenience and sustainability.

  • RePack is easy to stack, store and return.

    Whether your packages are collected in-store or from a delivery locker, you need to maximise the storage space available. RePack is extremely easy to pack and close with Velcro. It helps your in-store employees save space as it’s quick and easy to unpack and fold flat for easy storage. 

  • RePack for Click and Collect comes at an attractively low price.

Pricing Example RePack Click and Collect

  • RePack for Click and Collect gives a great customer experience.

One of the frustrations in Click and Collect reported by users is the over-use of packaging. When collecting their order, many noticed a way too large package that they ultimately had to bring home. Tesco, for example, already removed the option to have the order packed in bags. They advise their customers to bring their bags.

In a Click and Collect setup, it makes perfect sense to remove the packaging before handling the package to the customer. This “Naked Packaging” experience is very well received by customers and allows your business to reuse endlessly the same packaging used to prepare the order! 

John Lewis’s Oxford shop was the first store in the UK  to trial a reusable 'Click and Collect' RePack package. One in four orders was delivered to the shop in these reusable bags, meaning customers will be handed their orders without additional packaging. If sometimes less is more; here, nothing is best :) 


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How to start using RePack for Click and Collect?

If you have a packaging need in which the parcel goes back and forth from warehouse to store or warehouse to warehouse never ends up in the customer's house, this model is for you. 

By using RePack for your internal loops, you’ll limit your environmental footprint by delivering the orders to the store in reusable packaging that you will keep and stack in-store for following orders. 


  • Effortless to use in a Click and Collect environment
  • No packaging waste: RePack come back to you for reuse
  • Attracting pricing per delivery
  • You manage the entire process of the bags, from shipping to reverse logistics.


💡Interested in RePack for your Click & Collect?

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