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Case Study: HURR, using reusable packaging on its rental platform

HURR collective is Repacking

At HURR, one of the best online rental platform in the U.K, you can rent high-end clothes and accessories in seconds. Renters have the possibility to ship their garments to rent using RePack.


About HURR

HURR Collective is the UK’s first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform, on a mission to make renting an everyday occurrence, whilst paving the way towards a more sustainable future. HURR shows how circular fashion can be put into action.

Why renting makes sense?

  • You have a positive impact on the environment : you extend the life cycle of your clothes, and you avoid buying new ones. By the way, extending the life of your clothes by just 9 months can reduce their water footprint by 25 – 30%. Not bad.
  • You save money, space and time : no need to buy this expensive suit you’ll only wear once, that would just end in your already overflowing wardrobe anyway. 

Reusable packaging in a rental environment

As a startup championing sustainable fashion, they’ve searched high and low for a packaging company with a simple solution to the growing problem of e-commerce waste.

Renting clothes is all about reuse, it just didn’t make sense to ship them in single-use!

So there it is, one of the many steps HURR is taking to create a truly circular model, and providing HURR members with a smart packaging solution: RePack.

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How HURR implemented reusable packaging for its members

In a rental business, packages travel back and forth between the owner of the garments and the person renting it through the platform. 

This is the ideal environment to use reusable packaging. HURR decided to use our Closed-Loop model for RePack and to give the possibility to its community of renters to pack their order in RePack. 

hurr 2

On the peer-to-peer platform, interested users can simply order RePacks to HURR which delivers it to their doorstep. From there, the renters use RePack for all their rental orders, and once the RePack is too damaged, all they have to do is to drop it in a postbox with the return label. We take them back for deep cleaning or upcycling! 

hurr 1



Implement RePack for your own rental system!

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