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HURR x RePack - If you like it, rent it.

HURR, who are you?

Picture this. An online plateform where you could rent clothes and accessories, securely and in seconds.
A dream you say ? Absolutely not. 


Why renting just makes sense ? 

  • You have a positive impact on the environment : you extend the life cycle of your clothes, and you avoid buying new ones. By the way, extending the life of your clothes by just 9 months can reduce their water footprint by 25 – 30%. Not bad.
  • You save money, space and time : no need to buy this expensive suit you’ll only wear once, that would just end in your already overflowing wardrobe anyway. 

HURR Collective is the UK’s first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform, on a mission to make renting an everyday occurrence, whilst paving the way towards a more sustainable future. HURR shows how circular fashion can be put into action.

Introducing .. [drumbeats] Repack x HURR !

hurr 2

As a startup championing sustainable fashion, they’ve searched high and low for a packaging company with a simple solution to the growing problem of e-commerce waste.

Renting clothes is all about reuse, it just didn’t make sense to ship them in single-use!

So there it is, one of the many steps HURR is taking to create a truly circular model, and providing HURR members with a fabulous packaging solution : RePack.

And how does it work ? Repack with a little twist. 

Since it's a peer-to-peer platform, the usual Repack method needed a bit of renovation. This time it's you, the user, that masters the Repack. HURR ships it to your door, and you use it yourself to send your rental requests. 

That's it! Genious, I know. 

hurr 1