Climate action done right: a quick and easy guide

It's now or never. But it doesn't have to be difficult! Here's our guide to easy and quick environmental action that will truly make a difference.

Our favorite day in the year is back, and so is our yearly Earth Day edition.

We admit there hasn't been much to cheer for between crossing the 5th planet limit and the latest IPPC reports.

But, hey, you didn’t think we would give up that easily, did you?

Today is Earth Day, the perfect occasion to kick-start a new wave of optimism.

Last year, we were celebrating not returning to business-as-usual after the pandemic. Today, we share our best tips for easy, impactful actions that you can do from the back of your bed.

Switching banks

Even without spending it, you can pollute with your money. How is that? You guessed it; it’s your banker’s fault.

Banks are an important actor in the economy. With the money they kindly keep for their clients, they have the power to finance and invest in a corporate project. When they decide to support polluting industries, their clients’ money is indirectly responsible for the emissions induced in these projects.

For example, Oxfam France reported that French banks’ emissions accounted for more than eight times the whole country’s emissions!

Switching banks and letting an ethical bank like Green Got, La Nef, and Nefco handle your money is an easy way to reduce your environmental footprint while supporting projects that align with your values.

Find an ethical bank here.

Supporting impactful projects

What if we told you you could become an influential investor today?

It’s possible with Time For the Planet. For 1€, you can become a shareholder in that non-profit organization and participate in developing innovative technologies we will need to face the environmental challenges. It only takes 5 minutes, and your money has an impact.

Or, if you still want to make profit-oriented investments, do it with Cooler Future. They’ve developed a super-easy way to invest your savings sustainably while monitoring your impact on the environment!


Reusing when you can't refuse

Regarding consumption, our general advice is basically: don’t waste your money on stuff you don’t need. And when it comes to the stuff one really, honestly needs, there’s not much actually.

We know it’s hard to all agree on what is a basic need. Who knows? Maybe some people truly can’t live without this :


Nicolas Cage Mug on Amazon


But we all have to buy things every once in a while, so here’s our second take: opt for second-hand options whenever you can.

Sure, it’s not the best option for your toothbrush. But you could still look at sites like Backmarket the next time you need a new electronic device.

Reusing also means giving a second life to the things others used to need. Once you’ve got this, you know all about circularity.


Receiving all your orders in RePacks

How about investing the few euros you didn’t spend on that fabulous Nicolas Cage mug in reusable packaging for your next vital order?

Reusable packaging won’t make a single difference if we don’t all change our habits when shopping. Plenty of shops already joined the movement.

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