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How T.W.I.N. makes sustainability and e-commerce go hand-in-hand

Staying true to your values as a brand shouldn't have to be so hard. Check out how T.W.I.N. reconciled e-commerce and sustainability.

Ever heard of cognitive dissonance?

It’s very close to what the T.W.I.N. team was feeling when they were looking at the extensive amount of single-use trash generated by their sustainable clothing brand.

T.W.I.N. (That’s What I Needed) is a twin-owned fashion brand located in New York City. On their shop, you’ll find high-quality sustainable clothing so you don't have to compromise between your fashion sense and the planet. 

Frustrated from their own experience as shoppers, they felt that continuing to use the same model would reflect poorly on their brand image as well.

As packaging plays an important role in e-commerce logistics and customer experience, T.W.I.N. needed the switch to a more sustainable packaging to be a seamless as possible.

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Reconciling sustainability and fashion with circularity

After doing their own research, T.W.I.N found RePack to be a relevant solution to their packaging issues. Keeping packaging in the loop efficiently reduces waste and carbon emissions.

"Sustainability should not be a buzzword that companies throw around lightly, and yet they do.I would encourage anyone looking to think more sustainably about their packaging to work with RePack because working with RePack means making an active decision to choose better.

Isabella Serrani, Co-Founder at T.W.I.N.

Giving customers the power

They tested the bags and decided to integrate RePack as an option on their Shopify store.

👉 Shoppers on T.W.I.N.’s website can choose to pay a $3 extra to receive their orders in a reusable bag.

👉 This process does not disturb the delivery and improves the unboxing experience as the RePack bags are designed to be handled easily by end-users.

👉 It sends a positive signal to the shopper that the brand is consistent with their values.


More than just packaging

As RePack’s service goes beyond just packaging, the T.W.I.N. team didn’t have to worry too much about change management either. Integrating RePack into their existing process was easy. Every new RePack brand is assigned an account manager whose mission is making sure they’re making an optimal use of reusable packaging. During their onboarding process, the T.W.I.N. team appreciated the reactivity and quality of the support provided by our team.

"[RePack] was readily available to answer my questions over email and also jump on a call to walk me through the process if I had any concerns or queries. This made getting used to RePack and implementing their system and product into my e-commerce workflow a seamless process."

Isabella Serrani, Co-Founder at T.W.I.N.

T.W.I.N.'s achievement with reusable packaging

Thanks to RePack’s reusable packaging service, T.W.I.N. did not have to choose between convenient packaging and sustainable packaging. They can stay true to their values, while delivering an experience that aligns with their shopper’s expectations. Switching to this new system was made extremely easy.

  • Packaging that does not comprise on values
  • Effective positive impact on environment
  • Stress-free, rapid implementation of the new system

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