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How RePack helped SKHOOP stand out from competitors

SKHOOP uses RePack's integration for Shopify to offer reusable packaging to shoppers. An easy process leading to a meaningful sustainability impact.

SKHOOP offers RePack to their customers as a paid option at checkout, giving their customers the chance to choose reusable packaging for a small fee. It is an easily integrated sustainability move that reflects SKHOOP's and their customer's values and helps them to stand out from their competitors.

Find out how SKHOOP is giving their customers the opportunity to choose reusable packaging, leading to happy customers and reduced packaging waste.



Designed by women for women in Åre, Sweden, SKHOOP is The Original Skirt Company, offering insulated skirts, jackets, and vests for women who wish to thrive outside.



The challenge to address: How to reduce the amount of single-use packaging used?

As a brand, SKHOOP creates clothing for outdoor adventures - this means that they are passionate about protecting the land that inspires their work.

SKHOOP was concerned about the amount of single-use packaging that is used in e-commerce and wanted to offer their customers an alternative that aligned with theirs and their customers' values.

Untitled design - 2021-10-04T145614.938 Is reusable packaging really better for the planet?
Even with the transportation footprint, the return method makes RePack unbeatable in environmental performance. Read why at




Solution: SKHOOP enabled their customers to choose a RePack delivery

SKHOOP was confident that their customers would want to choose reusable packaging during check-out and decided to offer it through the Shopify integration.

As a society, we need to do better. RePack is a simple and affordable option that will single-handedly reduce your packaging waste - Megan Baker

  1. Customers shop in the online shop as usual.
  2. As soon as they start the payment process, customers have the opportunity to choose reusable packaging for a small charge of $3.75.
  3. The order is shipped in RePack and customers simply have to return it for free through the mailbox, from anywhere in the US.



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Results: the RePack integration for Shopify is an effective waste reduction tool for SKHOOP when shipping goods

With 27% of SKHOOP's customers selecting and paying for their order to be shipped in RePack, SKHOOP reduces the amount of single-use packaging needed.

RePack helps us stand out from our competitors, making our small company notable for our efforts that reflect our customer's ideals.- Megan Baker

SKHOOP's customers recognize and appreciate this commitment to reducing packaging waste, stating that they are happy to be supporting a company that is taking steps to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Offering RePack to their customers also helps SKHOOP to distinguish themselves from their competitors.



To wrap up:

SKHOOP chose RePack to answer their sustainable packaging requirements. Thanks to the RePack integration for Shopify, it was very easy for SKHOOP to activate the option to their customers.

  • Straightforward send out by integrating RePack with Shopify
  • Meaningful environmental impact, with 27% of orders shipped in RePack
  • Great customer feedback, by reflecting their client's sustainability standards


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