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How offering RePack helps rabbit strengthen their brand image

rabbit’s commitment to sustainability is one reason their customers love them: RePack allows rabbit’s customers to choose sustainable packaging.

In e-commerce, the first touchpoint with your customer is actually the packaging, so make it a touchpoint that reflects your brand values. For rabbit, choosing RePack was a tangible way to connect deeper with their customer base. Offering a concrete, sustainable experience for your customers is worth a thousand written promises.

In April of 2021, rabbit announced their commitment to doing their part and implemented sustainability initiatives, including the option for customers to have their orders shipped in RePack reusable packaging.

About rabbit

Crafted in California, rabbit is a female-founded running apparel brand that supports runners and dreamers of all levels.


The challenge to address:

rabbit knows how important it is to implement sustainable practices for their brand and have “pledged to continue to do better so every generation can run free on this beautiful planet of ours.” 

Like a lot of brands, they experienced packaging waste from online orders and had a limited budget to tackle this problem, but they felt it was important to address this issue and keep their promise to their customers to be more sustainable.

"We wanted to offer a sustainable packaging option to our customers. We at rabbit believe that the world needs better solutions to single-use packaging." Monica and Jill, founders of rabbit


They felt that their tightly-knit community of customers would appreciate sustainable packaging and would want to select it.

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How did RePack help the US brand solve its packaging challenge?

rabbit decided to offer RePack as a trash-free shipping packaging option on their website for a fee of $3.50, allowing their customers to choose to have their order shipped in reusable packaging.

With RePack’s Shopify app, rabbit could easily make RePack a paid option for their customers on their website without having to make changes to their checkout.


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Results: rabbit's community love, love the initiative

rabbit found the RePack option to be a big hit among their customers. So far nearly 4,000 orders have been shipped in RePack and rabbit has found that their packaging costs have even decreased as a result of customers paying for the RePack option themselves.

rabbit has also received positive feedback from their community of customers, who call themselves RADrabbits. A customer on Instagram commented that rabbit’s sustainability initiatives, including the RePack option, is “Another reason why I am Proud RADrabbit!(comment on IG)

Offering RePack as an option positively impacts rabbit’s brand image and helps them keep their promise to their customers to be more sustainable, and their customers love them for it.



To wrap up:

rabbit’s customers took advantage of this sustainable shipping option and many opted to pay a few dollars in the interest of receiving their order trash-free.

  • nearly 4,000 customers have selected to have their orders shipped in reusable packaging.
  • Reduced packaging costs by transferring the cost of the RePack to the customer
  • Positively impacts brand image


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