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How John Lewis reduced packaging waste for their Click and Collect

John Lewis is reducing the amount of waste in their Click & Collect orders with reusable packaging.

John Lewis & Partners recognized that their Click and Collect model could easily be upgraded with RePack reusable packaging, reducing their negative impact on the planet due to unnecessary packaging waste. With consumers becoming increasingly environmentally driven in their choices, Click and Collect with RePack was the right balance between convenience and sustainability.

Find out how John Lewis answered their customers' demand for sustainability and reduced unnecessary packaging waste for their Click and Collect orders.

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About John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners is a brand of high-end department stores operating throughout Great Britain. They decided to use their Oxford shop to launch a major pilot to test reusable packaging for their Click and Collect service.



The challenge to address: How to offer more sustainable services to a demanding customer base?

Click and Collect is an already promising model that provides a more ecological option for customers who still want the convenience of shopping online. However, many customers are disheartened by the amount of needless packaging waste that their order is packed in.

John Lewis & Partners wanted to reduce their impact on the planet and appeal to their customers' desires to do the same by reducing packaging trash and instead implementing a reusable alternative.



Solution: John Lewis introduced reusable packaging for their Click and Collect orders

RePack for Click and Collect enabled the same packaging to travel back and forth between John Lewis & Partners' warehouse and their Oxford shop. Once it arrived and the customer picked it up, the RePack was left behind and sent back to the warehouse to be reused for another order.

For bags that need cleaning, RePack provides a cleaning kit, cleaning solution, and cleaning guide that details when and how to clean the bags to make sure they are always in good condition.

One bottle of cleaning solution cleans around 400-600 bags. About 1% of bags require some cleaning, which should take less than 2 minutes per bag. RePack also replaces damaged bags with up to 10% top-ups per month.


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Results: Using RePack for Click and Collect is a smart way to adapt to the circular economy 

John Lewis & Partners' Oxford shop was the first store in the UK to trial a reusable Click and Collect RePack package. One in four orders were delivered to the shop in these reusable bags, meaning customers were handed their orders without additional packaging. If sometimes less is more, here nothing is best.

Empty RePacks were then collected and sent back to the warehouse for a bit of cleaning if needed, then were reused on the next Click and Collect order.

RePack was easily integrated and effectively reduced the amount of packaging trash used for Click and Collect orders.



To wrap up:

John Lewis chose RePack to answer their sustainable packaging requirements. Thanks to the RePack Closed-Loop service, it was very convenient and affordable for John Lewis to introduce reusable packaging in their operations. 

  • Sustainable packaging - eliminates unnecessary packaging waste
  • Convenient to manage - easy to pack, store, and reuse the RePacks
  • Affordable solution - competitive monthly rental price



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