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How RePack offers Blissim an affordable and effective reusable packaging for the French market?

The French Loop is making RePack more competitive in France, allowing large e-retailers like Blissim to answer their customers' demand for sustainability.

Blissim managed to successfully implement the RePack option, shipped more than 10.000 orders in RePack, and reached a 75% return rate with excellent customer feedback.

Find out how the French Loop made it possible for a large French e-retailer to offer reusable packaging to its customers. 

About Blissim

Blissim is one of the leading cosmetic e-retailers in France, with 2 million visits per month on its e-shop and a strong community of 240,000 monthly beauty-box subscribers. Working with 300+ brands including cosmetics industry giants, the company has a growing sustainability focus and now partners with eco-conscious and Made-in-France labels.

Blissim Birchbox Store Front RePack

The challenge to address: Answer customers' growing demand for sustainability with affordable solutions

Positioned as an influential brand, Blissim feels responsible to lead the industry toward a more sustainable process.

Sustainability is not only important for the company's development, it is becoming a requirement from the customers. Indeed, with 240.000 subscribers, Blissim is witnessing an important demand for more sustainable products and packaging.

"We selected RePack for ecological reasons. As an important e-retailer, we thought that investing in reusable packaging was a great step in our sustainable process."

Blissim contacted the RePack team during the first round of the French Loop project, where RePack partnered with the French Post to develop a national reverse logistics in France and offer competitive prices. This came as a perfect opportunity for Blissim to implement reusable packaging in its e-commerce operations at an attractive price point.



Solution: Blissim joined the French Loop project and implemented RePack at a competitive price

The first approach between the RePack and Blissim teams was very swift and we quickly found a solution for Blissim.

If the logistical part was the most complex to implement, RePack's support made the process straightforward.

"The support regarding the implementation of the solution was very helpful. The RePack team is very helpful and reactive. We get answers whenever we face an issue."

We helped Blissim integrate the option on their website, and they smoothly replaced single-use packaging on the RePack orders.

The products are first packed in a branded paper bag, then put into the RePack. Thus, the products are well protected and the customer still has the Blissim e-shop experience, without the extra waste!


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Results: Blissim exceeded customers' expectations and met their challenges successfully 

Blissim implemented RePack successfully on their website. By offering it for only 1€, plus offering a loyalty bonus for returning the RePack, Blissim is making it affordable, easy, and rewarding to use eco-friendly packaging.

Blissim RePack Community Feedback Success

This effort for sustainability is very positively welcomed by their growing eco-conscious French customer base.

"Our customers are satisfied with RePack. They like the fact that it is easy to use and planet-friendly. They feel involved in sustainability. Great feedback."

Blissim's communication was fine-tuned and customers received instructions in French through different touchpoints on how to return the RePacks. This resulted in a high 75% return rate of the RePack, which is a great success.

We continue working with Blissim to take this performance even further and to communicate even more to the customers to understand their behaviors with the RePacks.



To wrap up:

Blissim, leading the world in cosmetic e-retail in France, took the opportunity of RePack cooperation with La Poste, enabling lower costs, to start offering reusable packaging on its webstore for 1€. Blissim managed to successfully implement the RePack option, shipped more than 10.000 orders in RePack, and reached a 75% return rate with excellent customer feedback.

  • Affordable solution with the competitive pricing of the French Loop
  • Successful implementation with the support of the RePack team 
  • Great customer feedback, by reflecting their client's growing sustainability standards



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