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Improve your Post-Purchase eCommerce experience with RePack

RePack ensures the relationship doesn't end at checkout. We help you to provoke repeat engagement, encourage referrals, and drive more revenue - sustainably.

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change shopping habits due to environmental impact.


will pay more for sustainable packaging options.

Don't waste the opportunity to impress

Packaging is the most important touchpoint with e-commerce customers. Polishing this physical experience is the key to re-engagement. Don't waste it!

Offering RePack as a delivery option sets you ahead of competitors. More than a sustainability report, RePack is a bold commitment to more responsible e-commerce that the customer can feel and take part in.

Customers who receive your products in a RePack will remember the experience and added value.

An experience users are happy to share

Not that simple to get your customers to engage with your social media channels, right?

RePack gives happy users a genuine reason to promote your brand by sharing their happy experience online and with their peers.

Every day, people share photos and videos of this new unpacking experience, and of how satisfied they are to switch the trip to the trashbin for a mailbox.  

By offering RePack at your webstore, your brand is associated with this trash reduction movement, and this is follow-worthy for your customers. 

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Easier product returns 

We have made empty RePack returns as easy as possible. Users simply drop the empty RePacks for free in any mailbox in the world.

But did you know RePack also proves to be easier to use for returning products? Our surveys show users love the ease-of-use of the RePack packaging!


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Retain your customers with our Reward Program

On average, repeat customers account for 40% of webstores revenue, making customer loyalty crucial.

RePack is a great driver of purpose-driven loyalty.

With our Reward Program, users are promised a reward that you choose for returning their RePack.

A great experience AND a reward will give happy customers plenty of reasons to come back!

RePack is this little extra value that makes all the difference

RePack NPS

Receiving more than what you expected is always a nice surprise. This makes customers feel valued even after making the purchase. 

 This little extra wow is worth investing in, as it leads your brand from "good" to "excellent"!

We collect user feedback and the NPS (Net Promoter Score), the gold standard of customer satisfaction metric. It measures how RePack impacts users' perception of the webstore.

The results are mind-blowing. With an average score of 74, RePack clearly brings this magic touch.

Are you ready to bring your brand to the next level?