Why should I choose RePack and not a single-use packaging?

Still, wondering why reuse > single-use? All right, let’s bullet-point this for you.

  • It’s super convenient — no need to take a detour to the recycling bin. Just take your RePack when you leave your home and drop it in the nearest mailbox.
  • It’s not wasteful — No one likes to receive trash (and especially not these guys). With RePack, you receive what you ordered, without the waste. There is no annoying cardboard, no enormous amounts of bubble wrap, and no struggle to make it fit in the bin. Just a super simple folding. 
  • It’s a neat move for the planet — Reusable packaging reduces the amount of trash already around and limits the need to create more. No garbage, less CO2. 
  • It’s rewarded — When was the last time you got a reward for taking the trash out? Right, didn’t happen. If you shopped at any participating stores, you’d get a gift for returning a RePack by the post.
  • You’ll be able to brag about it “Oh, you don’t know RePack; I received it when ordering at this super-cool-sustainable brand; you should try it out blahblahblah..”